A high-ranking official from 메이저사이트 Team A said, “Jung Chan-heon’s annual salary (280 million won) is too much. It is not known to what extent it can be lowered, but drastic cuts will be inevitable. I think you have to endure a lot to sign a contract. He also has money to give to Kiwoom. It may not seem like a big deal, but there is definitely a burdensome aspect in the current state. The salary cap was more powerful than I thought. If you want to reduce the salary cap, you can reduce it, but you must definitely reduce it. In the past, an annual salary of 1.2 billion won was not a big hit, but now it is different. It’s a structure where you can’t spend money in vain. It will never be easy to reach out to Jeong Chan-heon.”

Many clubs have talked about the salary cap. It was inevitable that the scope of investment would be narrower than before.

An official from Team B said, “The salary cap is changing a lot of things. It seems that the phenomenon of the rich and the poor among the players will intensify. A player who has to pay a lot of money is in demand, so he has no choice but to give a lot of money. In the end, there is no choice but to cut the salaries of players with a low proportion. It will be a structure where the money collected by cutting little by little is invested in A-class players. Jeong Chan-heon can be said to be such a case. He has value as an insurance player, but you can’t spend a lot of money on an insurance player. I know that Jeong Chan-heon also put down a lot, but from the club’s point of view, every penny is new. The ripple effect of the salary cap is greater than expected. Other teams probably won’t be very different.”

Jeong Chan-heon can be interested in teams where the 5th starter is not certain or where injured players are playing. He said he still has a chance.

If there is a club that has failed to resolve the selection problem before entering the season after the demonstration game, there is a clear possibility that a team will reach out to Jeong Chan-heon.

However, it seems that Jung Chan-heon will have to give up a lot. First of all, it is necessary to consider the amount of money (estimated at least 300 million won) for Kiwoom. He has no choice but to cut a lot of the pie that goes back to him.

It is known that Jeong Chan-heon is active in the ransom discount, but there is no club that appears at that level yet.

Will Jeong Chan-heon’s hopes grow at the end of the demonstration game? If a club with a big hole in the selection comes out, it seems that Jung Chan-heon can be given a last chance.

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