Reporter Han Jae-hyeon = Jeju United (hereafter referred to as Jeju) prepared a foothold for successful winter training by measuring physical abilities through physical measuring equipment.

The measurement, which was conducted on the 13th with the support of Fittogether, measured physical factors such as hamstrings, inner and outer knee conditions, and overall muscles, and performance factors such as sprint numbers and jumping power. It is to predict the intensity of exercise load to reduce the risk of injury and to design systematic training tailored to the physical condition.

It does not stop there, but after giving and receiving feedback for each player, it is planned to provide a training program tailored to each individual’s physical condition during winter training. In addition, after winter training, through re-measurement, each figure of improved players will be checked and analyzed and utilized throughout the season.

Previously, in February, Jeju signed an agreement with Fittogether on the introduction of ‘Sports Science’, including the provision of EPTS equipment-based analysis infrastructure. Accordingly, Fit Together has provided comprehensive performance consulting based on measurement data calculated through EPTS-based soccer analysis infrastructure and data for 22 seasons.

In addition, Jeju is accelerating preparations for the opening of the 2023 season, starting with the summoning of the players on the 6th. Following the reorganization of the coaching staff under coach Nam Ki-il, the team is also concentrating on the composition of the team. We are dreaming of new synergies through internal competition and optimal recruitment.

Coach Nam Ki-il said, “Recently, the importance of sports science has been highlighted. Securing professional data to improve performance and prevent injury to players is an indispensable element in modern football. Collaborating with Fit Together can help develop our capabilities. I’m happy to have it,” he said. 토토

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