The fateful hour has come one day ahead.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have until the 7th (Korean time) to decide whether to return Trevor Bauer to the club.

Bauer, who was suspended for 194 games instead of 324 by the Coordination Committee, can return to the Dodgers immediately.

However, the Dodgers have no choice but to be burdened with having Bauer, who received the longest disciplinary action in the MLB for sexual assault. Because public opinion is fierce.

However, it is known that it is not easy to decide to release it because of the thought of making money.

The Dodgers should pay Bau an annual salary of $22 million under any circumstances.

That’s why I’m trying the Bauer trade.

The problem is that other teams are also burdened with one thing. In addition, it is more burdensome to give players and bring Bauer.

So the Dodgers could be waiting to release Bauer. This is because Bauer can be used virtually for free without giving players. 토토사이트

Whether it’s a trade or an acquisition following a release, the team that takes Bauer only has to spend $720,000. This is because the Dodgers must pay an annual salary of more than $20 million.

Bob Nightingale predicted a breakup between the Dodgers and Bauer, saying, “The Dodgers will trade Bauer. If the trade doesn’t work, they will release him.”

On the other hand, a Dodgers fan site reported that some Dodgers players insisted on being with Bauer.

It is noteworthy what decision the Dodgers will make while making mixed claims that they should be released and kept.