“It’s like a player who played in Korea for several years.”

It seems that the adaptation to the KBO League has already been completed. He looks like a player who has been playing for several years beyond adaptation. SSG Landers Guillermo Heredia (32), a new foreign hitter, will make a fresh start in Korea by signing a $1 million contract with SSG ahead of this season.온라인카지노

Heredia is a name that baseball fans have probably heard at least once. Born in Cuba, Heredia played an active role as the Cuban representative of the 2013 World Baseball Classic (WBC).

In 2016, he made his major league debut by signing with the Seattle Mariners. He went through teams such as the Tampa Bay Rays, Pittsburgh Pirates, New York Mets, and Atlanta Braves, and recorded a batting average of 0.231, 27 homers, and 114 RBIs in 591 major league games over seven seasons. In the 2021 season, he also helped Atlanta win the World Series.

SSG said, “Heredia has been evaluated as having stable skills in all aspects, including not only hitting indicators, but also defense and base running, and we expect that he will show active movement and productive batting ability on the ground. In particular, Heredia’s body rotation is fast, so she can cope with fastballs and breaking balls, and the fact that her batting speed is fast and has a lot of line drive balls was highly appreciated.”

Heredia is performing well during the exhibition match. In nine games, he’s batting .364 with eight hits, four RBIs and two stolen bases. He’s not a big hitter. He still doesn’t hit long hits as much as he thought. There are no home runs, and one double is the only long hit.

However, SSG Landers coach Kim Won-hyung is not worried. Now is the process of preparing for the season, and I think it’s time to get used to the pitches of pitchers in the KBO League. Aside from the lack of long hits, everything else is impeccable. Hitting indicators are good except for defense, running base, and long hits.

Director Kim Won-hyeong, whom I met on the 26th, said, “I think long hits will come out if you do it. He’s good at defense, and he’s always good on base with lots of energy. He keeps looking at the ball and doesn’t die easily at the plate.”

Another part that enhances the value of Heredia is its affinity. His father-in-law cheers on his teammates by chatting nonstop in the dugout.

Director Kim Won-hyung said, “On the bench, the atmosphere is so intense that the kids restrain themselves. Just looking at his affinity and baseball style, he seems like a player who has played in Korea for several years,” he laughed.

If Heredia hits more than 20 homers in the top batting order and the center lineup and gives a certain amount of long hits, a flower path will open for SSG’s second consecutive victory. If the energy overflowing with energy is always a strength in the at-bat and defense, there is nothing more welcome for SSG.

A Cuban-made atmosphere maker lands in Incheon, and the always noisy SSG dugout is lively.

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