The International Baduk Society will be established to contribute to academic exchanges and the development of Baduk culture.

The Korea Kiwon announced on the 27th, “The International Baduk Society, which will replace the Korean Baduk Society, which has been inactive for the past five years, will hold a founding ceremony on February 17th and start activities.”

Nam Chi-hyung, president of the International Baduk Association, said, “Myongji University presented a plan for integration with Myongji Junior College including the abolition of the baduk department in December of last year. It is still waiting for the Ministry of Education’s approval, but those who already love baduk, especially those who have studied baduk as an academic I was shocked by this denial,” he said. 먹튀검증

He continued, “I was concerned that this situation would make the field of academic research related to Baduk more barren and adversely affect the overall Baduk world, so I founded the International Baduk Society.”

Chairman Nam said, “Through the crisis of the abolition of the department of baduk, we have received encouragement and support from more world baduk people than ever before, and we have confirmed that baduk learning is not the exclusive property of Korea or the department of baduk. We plan to expand the scope to various urgently needed areas in the baduk world.”

If you become a member of the International Baduk Society, which will contribute to academic exchanges and development of Baduk culture among Baduk researchers from around the world, you can receive papers twice a year and participate in international academic conferences.

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