An unfortunate incident occurred three days before the opening of the 2023 KBO League. Suspicion was raised that Jeong-seok Jang (50), former general manager of the KIA Tigers, asked Dong-won Park (33, LG Twins) for back money several times during negotiations for an extension contract. According to the transcript, the requirements were known to be quite specific.

Jang Dong-cheol, secretary general of the Korea Professional Baseball Players Association (Players Association), said in a phone call with Star News on the 29th, “Park Dong-won (who was a member of the KIA) received two or three offers (requests for back money) from general manager Jang Jeong-seok at the away accommodation from the second half of last season. I didn’t give an answer to the thought that I had to focus on the season, and after that, I received another offer and continued to think about it, and then I moved the team.”

Park Dong-won rejected KIA’s offer of an extended 메이저사이트contract after last year’s season and signed a 4-year, 6.5 billion won free agent contract with LG on November 21st. However, the Athletes Association explained that after that, feelings of embarrassment continued to linger, and they eventually took action in early March.

President Jang said, “Park Dong-won thought, ‘I don’t know how it was in the past, but this shouldn’t happen in the future.’ He wanted to sound an alarm in the KBO league.” It was discussed with me.”

As a result of the Athletes Association’s confirmation of the file that Park Dong-won directly recorded during the face-to-face meeting with the manager, the contents were quite direct and specific. It is the position of Park Dong-won and the players’ association that it was not a ‘joking’ remark that Jang’s side explained. President Jang said, “I was going to give you more than a down payment, so I asked for some of it.”

“Park Dong-won also worried a lot about doing this to Jang, who was (Kiwoom) director and mentor. However, I thought it was something that needed to be corrected somehow, and I wanted to solve it quickly. Since such reports are common in the president’s office, it seems that it took time (to confirm the facts).”

As a result of checking with the KIA club, it was last week that CEO Choi Joon-young recognized the fact. From that time on, the club also began to move quickly. At the level of CEO Joon-young Choi, the facts were confirmed, and on the 28th, the disciplinary committee was convened, and on the 29th, it was decided to dismiss the general manager.

It is known that there is no suspicion at this point in relation to the trade or free agent recruitment that took place during Jang’s tenure as general manager. When asked if there was any additional information related to Jang, Secretary General Jang said, “There was no information other than Park Dong-won (back money),” he said. We are going to go,” he said.

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