infielder Kim Do-young (20), who have been out for a long time due to injuries, are set to return.

The two players underwent a reexamination at Sejong Orthopedic Center on the 23rd. Both Na, who suffered a damaged left calf muscle, and Kim, who broke his right metatarsal, were found to be more than 90 percent recovered and could return to the first team in late June and early July, respectively.메이저사이트

Na, who complained of calf pain after returning from the World Baseball Classic (WBC) in March, underwent a medical examination on March 5 and was found to have muscle damage. It was expected that it would take him up to eight weeks to return to the field.

However, Kim Do-young is recovering much faster than expected. In her second game of the season, against Literature SSG on March 2, she was injured while stepping on the third base line in the fourth inning, and a medical examination revealed a fractured left metatarsal (fifth toe) that required pin fixation. It was expected to take up to 16 weeks and four months to return.

It was a major injury that threatened to wipe out the first half of the season, but after three months, the injury is on the verge of healing. The fracture is now 90% unionized and I’m able to do light running and some technical training. It will take him about three to four weeks of non-running and technical training to get a feel for the game in the Futures League.

“It would have been nice to say that they were 100% cured, but I think it’s a relief that they can start technical training and speed training,” said Kia head coach Kim Jong-guk about the results of the reexamination of the two players before the game against Hanwha. We will check it in the training part, and it could be a week earlier or later,” he said cautiously.

As for Kim’s faster-than-expected recovery, he said, “I’m 20 now. My birthday hasn’t passed yet, so I’m 19. I’m young, so my recovery is fast,” she laughed. Born on October 2, 2003, Kim Do Young is still only 19 years old.

“I think it helped that I went to the Ijima Medical Center in Japan. They say it’s better if you get treatment early on,” he added. Kia sent the two players to the Ijima Rehabilitation Center in Yokohama, Japan, from March 17 to 22. They received intensive therapy twice a day, which helped speed up their recovery.

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