Aaron Wan- Bissaka

has been named Manchester United’s Player of the Month for January.

On the 31st (Korean time), Manchester United unveiled four candidates for January’s Player of the Month on its official website. The main characters are Marcus Rashford, Casemiro, Bruno Fernandez, and Wan-Bissaka.

All are strong candidates. First of all, Rashford is being evaluated as having reached his second heyday this season. He was criticized for his poor performance for a while, and it seemed that he could leave Manchester 토토사이트 United by linking up with Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) ahead of this season, but he decided to stay at the persuasion of coach Eric Ten Hag.

As a result, this stay became the best choice. Rashford is responsible for most of Manchester United’s goals this season and is playing a big role. He was also voted Manchester United’s Player of the Month last December. Manchester United also said, “It will be difficult to surpass Rashford, who won the Player of the Month award for December. Rashford continues to shine brilliantly.”

Bruno, who recorded 3 goals and 3 assists, is also noteworthy. Bruno, as always, is directing Manchester United’s attack this season and helping the team rise. United praised Bruno, saying “on his third year with the club, Bruno has been the driving force of the team throughout January”.

Casemiro also did a great job. Casemiro’s record is 3 goals and 2 assists in 6 games, which is an outstanding record considering he is a defensive midfielder. He also had a significant presence. Manchester United lost in the midfield fight against Arsenal, where Casemiro missed due to a cumulative yellow card, and this loss was Manchester United’s only loss as of January.

The final candidate is Wan-Bissaka. Wan-Bissaka seemed to be excluded from Ten Hag’s plan, even at the beginning of his tenure. Ten Hag demanded an attacking appearance from the full-backs, but Wan-Bissaka’s attacking ability was not enough to satisfy Ten Hag.

Instead, Wan-Bissaka took advantage of his strength. Wan-Bissaka, who had strengths in the existing defense and tackling, showed off a more solid defense and added stability to Manchester United’s right flank. Although he does not have offensive points, he appeared in 7 matches and was named Man of the Match (MOTM) against Crystal Palace.

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