“It’s not that I want deGrom. Instead…”

SSG Kim Won-hyung (51) made up his mind to break up with Eni Romero (32). He said he needed to find a new player. He can’t bring anyone, of course. The conditions are pretty tough. contemplation There are good reasons to take the time.

Romero is a foreign pitcher that SSG ambitiously recruited.메이저사이트 He sought to be given the first starting role as a replacement for Wilmer Font. It was okay in the US spring camp. He went to practice at the 2nd camp in Okinawa and suffered a sore on his shoulder.

no news since SSG explained that she was “receiving treatment” in the meantime. The season started without Romero, and SSG started the season with one foreign pitcher, Kirk McCarty. Currently, Romero is not even in Korea. He is in rehabilitation in the US.

Director Kim Won-hyung’s patience ran out. Initially, SSG was looking for a new foreign pitcher. Some players went to the brink of signing, but the trip to Korea was canceled as the player chose to challenge the major leagues.

I also looked at careers. However, Font has a shoulder injury, and Sean Morrimando has a full guarantee contract, so it is not easy to call back to Korea. He eventually has to find him back in the States. Work is in progress.

Manager Kim Won-hyung said, “We have to prepare new players. Romero doesn’t have a special story yet. He went to treatment, but April is already running out. Even if he gets better, he has to rebuild his body for a month and play for Futures. Time flies too much. We need an alternative,” he explained.

“Finding new players is not easy. Shouldn’t you still find it? No dubious players. We need a solid player. It will take some thought, but you have to bring in players who meet the conditions you want. Isn’t the dependence on foreign players high? He can’t bring anyone,” he stressed.

If so, what is the ‘standard’ for foreign players coach Kim Won-hyung wants? He laughed, saying, “I hope everything is good, including command, position, operational ability, defense, mentality, health, and chemistry with the team.” He could be called the perfect player. The probability of such a player coming to the KBO league converges to zero.

Director Kim Won-hyung knows that too. “It’s not that I want deGrom. There is a reference point suitable for the KBO league. For example, Major League S-class starting pitchers throw 97 to 100 miles per hour (approximately 156.1 to 160.9 km). I’m not looking for players like this. It’s a deGrom, but it’s a supply type. He is such a player,” he said with a smile.

He continued, “In the major leagues, the pitch is weak, so it is correct, but in the KBO league, it means that it is possible enough if there is a throwing ball and a breaking ball while throwing 147 to 148 km per hour or 150 km. Even if you are not competitive in the US, there are players who can work here. For example, I personally think he might be a player like NC Pedi or KIA Anderson.”

It should be seen that all clubs want a player like this. This is the reason why the list of foreign players recruited by club is similar. so it’s harder You can’t bring anyone, and you can’t spend time just choosing. It’s a quandary.

First of all, director Kim Won-hyung and SSG abandoned ‘impatience’. This is because one minute and one second is not an urgent situation. Director Kim Won-hyung said, “Now the starting lineup is returning. don’t rush So Romero was also sent to the United States. If we had been in a hurry, we would have moved quickly.”

First of all, McCarty is digesting the rotation, and Kim Gwang-hyun will also return on the 21st. Other pitchers include Moon Seung-won, Park Jong-hoon, and Oh Won-seok. Even rookie Song Young-jin showed a good appearance as a starter. there are no players It’s a bit of a relaxed situation.

It’s not easy to find a good pitcher in the US right now. Situation shortly after opening. Giving up on the big leagues isn’t easy. Going abroad is also an adventure. It takes time anyway. In the meantime, if Romero can recover well and come back, you can use him again. It is a kind of ‘two-track’.

There’s nothing wrong with setting your standards high. In the first place, it is not to start by saying, ‘Let’s give up what is to be given up’. It costs a lot of money, and it took the season’s performance. Bringing in ‘good players’ is the top priority. 

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