Ryu Hyun-jin Amid the vacancy, Alec Manoa (25), who should lead the Toronto starting lineup, continues to struggle.

In the away game메이저사이트 against Major League Philadelphia held on the 10th (Korean time), Manoa suffered the loss by allowing 4 hits (1 home run), 4 walks and 3 runs in 4.2 innings. Manoa, who showed a sluggish appearance, such as being hit by a two-run four by Nick Castellanos in the 4th inning, has already suffered his 3rd loss (1 win) of the season. He has an earned run average of 4.83 for the season and a batting average of 0.265.

Last season, Manoa emerged as the hope of Toronto’s mound. He appeared in 31 games, going 16-7 with a 2.24 earned run average. His Pia batting average was also charged at 0.202, and he even ranked third in the American League Cy Young voting. As Ryu Hyun-jin returned during the season due to rehabilitation, Toronto had higher expectations for Manoa, but the start was not good. Local media are also expressing their disappointment with Manoa, such as the Canadian Toronto Star regretting that it was a “stiff start.”

It is evaluated that his sluggishness stemmed from anxiety. Manoa, who recorded 66 four balls in 196.2 innings last season, threw 29 four balls in 41 innings this season. It looks like a clear command is shaking. Toronto, which can hold out until Ryu Hyun-jin returns, is waiting for his resurrection.

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