Yonsei University’s Core Gi-sang (21, 189cm) expressed his joy for the victory and even expressed his thoughts on the injuries of the leading players following last season.

Yonsei University’s바카라사이트 organic award started in the regular league home game against Chung-Ang University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League held at Yonsei University Sinchon Campus Gymnasium on the 2nd, recording 13 points, 4 rebounds, 1 steal and 2 blocks, and the team won (72-57 ) led to

Yugi-sang did not score many goals, but the opponent’s defense and eyes focused on him do not come out as a record. In the section widening the gap in the third quarter, Ki-sang added weight to the lead by performing a stable performance through scoring and breaking through free throws. He also did his part on defense, recording 3 combined steals and blocks.

Yoo Ki-sang said, “Even though I won the first game against Hanyang University after the midterm exam break, it was not a cool performance. He talked about trying to rebound through today’s (2nd) game, but starting with me, the defense worked well, and there were good results.”

In terms of shooting, few people doubt that he was abandoned on the college stage, but last season, he had to play the role of 2-2 and sometimes even point guard due to the line injury in front of Yonsei University. This season, Lee Joo-young and Lee Chae-hyeong joined as freshmen and seemed to ease the burden, but both players are currently out due to injuries.

Yoo Ki-sang said, “Besides offense, there are defenses where I can contribute to the team. Looking back on his freshman year, he felt he had the ability to make a contribution on defense as well. So I tried to do it step by step, starting with something a little more basic.”

Yoo Ki-sang was also included in the entries for the Yisang Baekbae, which will be held from May 19 to 21, and the Chengdu Summer Universiade scheduled to be held in June. In particular, in the Universiade competition, they will work together again with Yang Jun-seok (LG), Shin Seung-min (Korea Gas Corporation), and Lee Jung-hyun (Day1), who they worked together in college.

Yoo Ki-sang said, “It’s the same as teaching practice, it’s a grateful opportunity, and it’s a new experience for me. As a player, I have to take good care of my body, so I have to play well in the upcoming game.”

He continued, “After the last game against Hanyang University, I talked to (Lee) Jung-hyeon hyung and (Shin) Seung-min hyung, and the hyungs were also looking forward to (the Universiade) personally. It’s a precious opportunity for me too, so I’ll go and have a good experience and learn a lot, so I’ll play well in the second half.”

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