Singer and broadcaster Haha (Ha Dong-hoon) visited Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan and threw the first pitch.메이저놀이터

On the 8th, a match between Lotte and LG was held at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan.

Before the match, UNICEF ambassador Haha visited Sajik Stadium and threw the first pitch. Haha, who climbed the mound, gathered his energy while looking at the sky, and then gave a powerful pitch. After throwing the ball from the mound, Haha accurately threw the ball into the mitt of Lotte catcher Gangnam Yoo.

After the first pitch, Haha visited the Lotte dugout and exchanged greetings with Lotte players, praying for the victory of the giant corps.

Sajik Stadium, where Lotte and LG’s 10th confrontation of the ‘Ellot Lasico’ season took place, many spectators came to the stadium to watch the big match despite the pouring rain.

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