“It needed a change.”

At the 2023 Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) Women’s Foreign Player Draft held at the Double Tree Hilton Umraniye, Istanbul, Turkey on the 13th local time, GS Caltex got the 6th place nomination.

It was a disappointing카지노사이트 result for GS Caltex, who finished in 5th place, while the nomination right was granted through a differential probability lottery last season. Nevertheless, director Cha Sang-hyun smiled after appointing Gisele Silva (191cm, OP, Cuba).

Coach Cha said, “I was disappointed because the turn was delayed, but I picked the player I wanted. From the team’s point of view, I am very fortunate.”

Regarding Gisele Silva, “The serve is very good. When he’s on defense, he sees that he has plenty of offense, including some double offense. He was the top scorer in the Greek league. I have a lot of experience in overseas leagues, so I thought I didn’t have to worry about adaptability.”

GS Caltex considered renewing the contract with MoMA until the end, but eventually made a new choice. “It’s not because MoMA couldn’t do it, so I didn’t renew the contract. He was nominated by Hyundai E&C because he is a good enough player. After being with our team for two years, the team needed a change.”

“Clearly, a change was needed this time. For two years, it is difficult to play the same volleyball because our team volleyball analysis has already been completed. I chose Gisele Silva because they said that there must be a change in the color of the team.”

Meanwhile, Gisele Silva, who was nominated by GS Caltex, said, “I was very surprised, but I am happy and happy.”

When director Cha Sang-hyun called his name, Gisele Silva didn’t know if he was calling him, so he recognized it when his name was called once more. Gisele Silva laughed and said, “I thought I wasn’t selected.” He did not expect to be selected,” he added.

How about the volleyball this season that Gisele Silva and GS Caltex, who explained their strengths by saying, “The first is the serve, and the second is the attack,” will show.

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