Where will the next destination of ‘football god’ Lionel Messi be? His best friend Sergio Aguero has left an important hint.

The British ‘Sports Bible’ said on the 25t먹튀검증h (Korean time), “Aguero may have leaked Messi’s next club after revealing a private conversation. The two have been best friends since the age group of Argentina and have been in constant communication. ‘s recent interview may have ruined Messi’s future plans.”

“Messi is postponing a new contract with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). There are rumors that his father and agent Jorge Messi is negotiating a return to Barcelona. He insisted that he was thinking of doing it,” he said, highlighting Aguero’s interview.

According to the media, Aguero said in an interview with ‘UOL’, “Messi is seriously considering the possibility of playing for NOB.” Maxi Rodriguez, who worked together in the Argentine national team, calmed expectations by saying, “Aguero is Aguero. He doesn’t keep quiet. Let’s see what happens.”

Messi has truly risen to the ranks of the ‘Greatest Of All Time’ (GOAT). After winning the 2021 CONMEBOL Copa America, he became the world champion by winning the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Messi peaked by completing the national team career, which was mentioned as the only blemish.

Even after the World Cup, Messi continues his ‘last dance’. Since the acquisition of oil money, he is struggling for PSG, which has not yet lifted the ‘Big Year (UCL championship trophy)’. However, with his contract expiring soon, attention is being paid to his next destination.

In the midst of this, Messi’s best friend Aguero reported the possibility of going to Argentina. Messi first started his football career at his NOB youth level prior to joining Barcelona. As he has achieved everything that can be achieved in Europe, the NOB move is not an absurd story.

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