The path to entering an American university is open to elite soccer players in Korea who have been unable to advance to the professional level or go to college.

The KSA Korean Student Athlete Academy (KSA) will hold a briefing session on entering American universities for soccer talent at the KSA headquarters in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 18th.

It is a briefing session that educates students not only to pursue their dream of becoming a professional athlete by entering the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), but also to design a second life after retirement.

Established in 2017, KSA has promoted soccer players who have been unable to go pro or go to a domestic university for the past six years to go to an American university.

KSA provides its own education program to student athletes who find it difficult to balance soccer and schoolwork even after entering an American university, and is responsible for systematic follow-up management. Through this, it has been making a successful soft landing example.

This year, KSA produced the 5th class graduates. So far, about 50 players have gone on to American universities through KSA. 안전놀이터

Some of the KSA graduates are active as soccer players while receiving scholarships from NCAA Division I universities.

It is characteristic that while playing as an active player, each of them chooses their major and lives in college at the same time.

Kim Seung-eon, who graduated from Hyundai High School in Ulsan as a KSA 2nd class graduate, is currently majoring in Information Science at Maryland State University and is active as an athlete.

Kim Seung-eon said, “It is very enjoyable to be able to prepare for life after retirement while developing my dream of becoming a professional player by using soccer, which is my specialty,” and said with strength, “(If you are a soccer player), anyone can take on the challenge.”

Jang Hyun-sang, who went to Wisconsin State University after graduating from Gwangyang Steel High School, said, “Unlike high school, where I built a wall with studying, America is a ‘university player’ so I have to study at the same time.” It’s the biggest advantage,” he hinted.

In addition, Kim Chan-yong, a graduate of the 3rd KSA, drew attention by joining Suwon FC in the K-League after graduating from an American university.

Kim Ki-joong, CEO of KSA, who was a former professional soccer player and has a doctorate in physical education, said, “Until now, not a single KSA graduate has failed to enter an American university.” I would like to share what I went through at this briefing session.”

This information session is conducted by prior reservation. Details can be found on the KSA Facebook page, homepage, and KakaoTalk (KSA Korean Student Athlete Education Center) channel.

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