The final hand of ‘General Meng-gun’ belonged to Moreno.

UFC 283 took place on the 22nd (Korean time) at the Jiunis Arena in Lau de Janeiro, Brazil. Brandon Moreno (29, Mexico) and Davidson Figueredo (35, Brazil) met in the flyweight championship match.

For the two players, this confrontation was not the first, but the fourth. The first was a draw, the second was balanced by Moreno and the third by Figueredo.

The 4th was a confrontation with a decision. In the midst of the tough match, the goddess of victory raised Moreno’s hand. Moreno got a doctor stop TKO after Figueredo suffered an eye injury in the third round. 토토사이트

In the beginning, it was icy. However, in the third round, Moreno’s left hook landed in Figueredo’s right eye, and the weight of the match tilted.

Figueredo was embarrassed and protested, saying it was ‘thumbing’, but it was not accepted. As Moreno pressed for the gap, Figueredo lost his balance and fell. Moreno was showered with elbows and pounding from the top position.

At the end of the round, the doctor judged that Figueredo’s right eye was completely closed and it was impossible to continue the fight, so the fight was stopped.

Moreno said, “This time, I tried to stick to the game plan. His last third game was too emotional. He tried to keep Figueredo under pressure this time,” he revealed the secret of his victory.

The defeated Figueredo announced a weight class upgrade to bantamweight. “It’s unfortunate, but I think it’s time for him to leave the flyweight division,” said Figueredo. He has achieved a lot, but now he is tired of trying to fit into the flyweight weight.”

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