CEO told me not to worry.”

Contrary to the evaluation before the season, Goyang Carrot is performing better than expected. Fighting well against external enemies, they rarely solve internal problems.

Carrot made a skit when he failed to pay 500 million won in advance out of the 1.5 billion won special dues before the season. After standing at the center of the issue, he managed to pay 500 million won to solve the first problem, but recently, there was a problem with delays in paying salaries for the players as well as the club acquisition money to be delivered to Orion.

Carrot never ceases to have ‘money problems’. It is a situation where there is no choice but to doubt whether they will be able to remain in KBL. All salaries for the players must be paid by the 13th, and there are still unresolved issues such as the special membership fee of 1 billion won and the club takeover payment.

KBL said, “We will wait until the 13th to see if the players’ salaries are paid, and if not, we will prepare what actions we can take.”

It’s not just a matter of paying money. It is important to be on time. that’s trust Carrot has yet to give even 1% confidence in this part. It is only natural that there are many concerns.

Carrot coach Kim Seung-gi, whom we met at the Goyang Gymnasium on the 9th, said, “I met the CEO and had a conversation, and he told me not to worry. Since he was watching everything from behind, he said he wanted me to do well like now.” 토토사이트

From Director Kim’s point of view, there is nothing much to say, and nothing to say. He leads the team well despite his difficult situation. In a situation where a large number of key players have transferred and there is no other power reinforcement other than the recruitment of Jeon Seong-hyun, he is going back and forth between the middle and upper ranks. Even after the departure of David Simon from KBL, which occupies more than half of the power, only Didric Lawson is holding on.

Carrot is looking for a new foreign player instead of Demetrius Treadwell, who is not helpful at all, but there is no alternative resource other than Jonathan Alledge, who is currently scheduled to be released from Samsung in Seoul. It is not good to spend a lot of money to recruit foreign players like other teams.

Manager Kim said, “The players may also be shaken, but I told them not to worry. He promised that the team would not disappear and that this summer, he would definitely reinforce his strength. Of course, it may not be like words, but there is hope,” he said. “I will definitely try to do that.”

It is professional sports, and KBL, that is daunting even if you only deal with external enemies. However, Carrot is having a season with internal as well as external problems. For them, who are getting more and more difficult to hold on to, the upcoming All-Star break will be a time to reorganize everything.

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