Third baseman Scott Rolen (46) joined the Major League Hall of Fame in 2023.

In the 2023 Baseball Correspondents of America (BBWAA) vote announced at the Museum of the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, on the 25th (Korean time), Rolen won 76.3% of the votes, giving him the best honor of his life to become a member of the HOF 6 years after his retirement. That’s right. He became the 18th member of all time as a third baseman. As a result, the members of the 2023 Myungjeon are Freddie McGriff and Rolen, who were selected as a committee.

He played for 17 years with four teams: Philadelphia Phillies, St. Louis Cardinals, Toronto Blue Jays, and Cincinnati Reds. He won the 1997 Rookie of the Year, 7 All-Stars, 8 Gold Gloves at Third Base, 2002 Silver Slugger, and 2006 World Series (St. Louis). He had a career batting average of .281, 2077 hits, 364 home runs, 1287 runs batted in, and an on-base percentage of 0.364, slugging percentage of 0.490, and OPS of 0.855. Rolen, who has both offense and defense, is famous for throwing ground balls with his bare hands.

After his retirement, he started with 10.2% from the baseball reporters in his first year of eligibility, and within six years he passed the 75% required for the Cooper Star run and became a member of the Myeongjeon. A total of 389 reporters voted this year. You need to get 292 votes to get 75% of the Myeongjeon membership. Rolen barely entered with 5 more votes out of 292. Eight reporters submitted blanks. Of the 28 candidates eligible for this year, only Rolen was the only Myeongjeon member. 카지노

In a Zoom interview after the announcement of Myeongjeon in 2023, Rolen said, “I never thought I would become a member of Myeongjeon. It’s such a great honor for me and I’m happy,” he said, revealing calm emotions.

Rolen is currently running the ‘E5 Baseball Foundation’, which means third baseman mistakes, in his hometown of Bloomington, Indiana, and is guiding youth. done. Helton is in his fifth year of candidacy. Left-handed finisher Billy Wagner won 68.1% (265 votes). In addition, outfielder Andrew Jones 58.1% (226) and Gary Sheffield 55.0% (214), a slight increase in support from 2022. However, second baseman Jeff Kent, who received 46.5% (181) support, filled the 10th year of his eligibility and lost his eligibility to vote for the Baseball Correspondents Corps. The Contemporary Baseball Era Players Committee will meet in 2025 and become a member in 2026.

Of the 14 candidates in the first year of qualification in 2023, only two, fielder Carlos Beltran 46.5% (181) and pitcher Francisco Rodriguez 10.8% (42), will retain the press corps vote. Twelve players, including pitchers Bronson Aryoyo, RA Dickey, and Perfect Game’s Matt Cain, failed to secure 5 percent support and are no longer eligible to be candidates for the match.

As a result, the number of MLB Myeongjeon members, including Rolen, in 2023 became 342. Among them, there are 270 players and 136 members entered by the American Baseball Journalists. 

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