Ariel Miranda, who was the ‘ace’ of the Doosan Bears in the 2021 season, is yet to find a new team. Local media believe he will find a new team soon. 카지노

On the 22nd (hereinafter Korean time), ‘Baseball fr’, a media specializing in baseball news in Central and South America, said, “Some major league clubs are interested in Miranda, a pitcher from Cuba. Several team officials directly watched Miranda’s training situation on the spot.” It also aroused interest from teams in the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) and KBO leagues.”

At the same time, Miranda’s current training was also released as a short video. Miranda is currently staying in the United States and digesting his personal training. In the released video, he was digesting bullpen pitching with the catcher standing in a healthy state.

Miranda played a big role in Doosan in the 2021 season. Miranda, who played a big role in the 2020 season in the Chongxin Brothers of Taiwan Professional Baseball (CPBL) through NPB (2018-2019), was recruited by Doosan ahead of the 2021 season. And he performed beyond expectations. In the KBO League that year, he recorded an average ERA of 2.33 in 28 games with 14 wins and 5 losses. Miranda, who played an active role as an ‘ace’, won the Golden Glove pitcher category that year and even won the regular season MVP. Miranda also received the Choi Dong-won Award, which is given to the pitcher with the most ‘ace’ performance.

Doosan renewed the contract with Miranda for $1.9 million, but the second season was a failure. He suffered from shoulder pain right before the start of the season. Although he held out through his rehabilitation, his shoulder pain was devastating. As a result, his speed and pitch plummeted, and pitching itself was difficult in the first place. He pitched in three difficult games, but only managed 7⅔ total innings, and his earned run average soared to 8.22. After struggling, Doosan eventually released Miranda during the season and brought in a new pitcher.

After that, Miranda ended the season unable to find a new team. It appears he has spent a lot of time rehabilitating his shoulder. If major league clubs make an offer, it’s likely to be a minor contract. From Miranda’s point of view, signing a contract with a Japanese or Korean team would be a much better deal, but it is expected that it will be possible only when there is confidence in the condition of his shoulder. At this point, most teams in the KBO League and NPB have completed the composition of foreign players, but if they regain the power of the 2021 season, there is a chance to be selected as a substitute even during the season. It’s all about getting him back to his prime.

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