Hasn’t he already retired a few years ago?’

Mesut Ozil, once dubbed the ‘genius midfielder’, has officially announced his retirement. However, since his career has practically ended several years ago, fans are bewildered. Because he thought he had already retired years ago. You can call it ‘humiliation’ of external quality.

The Daily Star, a British메이저사이트 media outlet, said on the 22nd, ‘Former Arsenal and Real Madrid star Ozil announced his retirement. But fans are wondering, saying they thought he had already retired years ago.” On the same day, Ozil tweeted, “After much consideration, I have decided to retire. For the past 17 years he has had the privilege of playing as a footballer. He is incredibly grateful for the opportunity. However, he recently announced his retirement, saying that after a long period of injury and suffering, it was clear that it was time to leave the big stage of football.

Ozil has built a career for 17 years, going through Schalke 04, Werder Bremen (Germany), Real Madrid (Spain), Arsenal (England), Fenerbahce, Basaksehir (Turkiye). The peak of his career was at Real Madrid and Arsenal.

Because of this, many fans said goodbye to Ozil’s retirement announcement through social media. Most paid tribute to Ozil, remembering his days at Real and Arsenal. One fan said, ‘Ozil was the best player at Real Madrid. ‘Congratulations on his retirement,’ he said. Another fan recalled, “He was the greatest playmaker in history.”

But there are also completely different reactions. Criticizing his unique self-consciousness, he pointed out his insignificant performance in recent years, especially during his time in Turkiye. One fan said: ‘He is the most overrated player in Arsenal’s history. He couldn’t stand his self-consciousness,’ he said. Another fan said: ‘I was shocked by the news that Ozil had retired. He already said ‘I thought he was retired when he left Arsenal. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that his career is over when he leaves Arsenal.

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