In fact, Jung Chan-heon (33), the 스포츠토토 last missing free agent, has not yet been able to deliver the news of the contract.

Only rumors that there are interested teams are circulating, but the reality of the contract is not revealed.

Time without a promise is passing, but news of the contract has not been delivered yet. It seems that the exhibition match will be the last chance. If there is a team that showed weakness in pitching in the demonstration game, the contract can be dramatically concluded.

Spring camp is a time of hope for each team.

It is a time when a lot of promising players stand out and it feels like the newly added power will be a big help. This is why trades do not occur often during spring camp.

An exhibition game is different.

Although each team does not put 100% of its strength, it becomes easier to cover the boulder because it plays a regular game.

After the demonstration game, each team’s weaknesses are bound to come out. There is also the possibility of injured players.

Chan-heon Jeong can also get a chance if a pitcher gets sick. This is because he is the closest player to reach out in a situation where pitcher blood transfusion is urgent.

Jeong Chan-heon is a resource capable of both selection and bullpen.

He is an all-weather agent who debuted in 2008 and recorded 4853 losses and 46 28 holds. It’s hard to say he’s a solid card, but he’s a good player to fill a hole that suddenly appeared.

His chronic back injury has been pointed out as a problem, but Jeong Chan-heon’s side said that the burden on his back is gone now.

From Jeong Chan-heon’s point of view, there is no choice but to hope that any team will show a power leak in the demonstration game.

Spring camp is to create a starting resource of at least 6 people per team. The exhibition game is a period to test the pitchers that have been conceived.

If his skills don’t live up to expectations, he’s bound to find new ones. Currently, the closest player among them is Jeong Chan-heon.

It seems that the exhibition match will be virtually the last chance. After the season is over, it may already be too late.

It is very difficult to recruit during the season unless there is a very big hole. Since I have been training alone, the amount of training is inevitably lacking.

You can make yourself known by opening a showcase, but you cannot guarantee a contract.

Will there be hope waiting for Jeong Chan-heon at the end of the demonstration game? Day by day, only the last hour is passing helplessly.

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