It was a day that will be remembered for the rest of my life.

On the 20th,토토사이트 Whimoon Middle School completed the ‘Elite Middle School Basketball Talent Donation Program’ hosted and supervised by the Korea Middle and High Basketball Federation and the Sangmu Basketball Team of the Armed Forces Athletic Corps at the gymnasium of Whimoon Middle School.

Sangmu Basketball Team’s talent donation program consisted of dribbling, post-up, face-up, and 5-on-5 mini-games. The talent donation, which first started in early March for elite basketball players in the Jeju area, took place on the 15th at Samil Middle and High School, Naksaeng High School and Seongnam Middle School (16th), Jemulpo High School and Incheon Annam Middle School (18th), and Kwangshin Broadcasting Preview and Gwangshin Middle School (19th). , I visited Whimoon Middle School, Hongdae Bu Middle School, and High School (20th).

During the talent donation, the faces of many elite players were full of excitement, anticipation, and joy. The same goes for Lee Seong-wook (F, 190cm), a 3rd year student at Whimoon Middle School.

Lee Seong-wook introduced, “I first started basketball at the junior prom. There was opposition from people around me, but with the support of my parents, I switched to elite basketball.”

Since his parents served in the military, the Sangmu team was especially friendly to Lee Seong-wook. because he is a soldier. Lee Seong-wook, who smiled and said, “I was friendly for no reason,” said, “The players I want to see the most are Heo Hoon and Song Gyo-chang, but I also wanted to see Kim Hoon, who played an active role in DB. I was excited and excited about the news of talent donation.”

As his most memorable moment, he said the 5-on-5 mini-game. Lee Seong-wook, who tasted the 3-point shot against Sangmu, said, “(Choi) Han-ryeol passed, but there was distance, but I thought it was a chance. The defense didn’t come along, so I threw it, but it went in.

“Actually, I was nervous when I heard the news that the hyungs were coming. Coach Choi Jong-hoon said before the talent donation, ‘Learn from what the hyungs are doing. Don’t be nervous.’ I want to become a player who works hard even on dirty work.” 

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