Da-in Lee (Pyeongtaek G-Sports Club), a female long-distance ‘prospect’, won gold medals in the 53rd Korea Association Championship National Ski Championships, cross-country women’s free 3km and combined, and won three gold medals in the competition.

Lee Da-in, who won the 3km Classic on the first day, recorded 9 minutes 47.3 seconds in the Yeochobu Free 3km on the 2nd day at the Alpensia Cross Country Stadium in Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do on the 4th, and Lee Ha-bin (Jinbucho, Pyeongchang, 9:51.5) So Ji-hee (21:40:8) and Jang Won-ji (Hwasun-cho, Jeollanam-do) in the combined record of 21:25:5, a combination of the classic and free record ·22 minutes 03 seconds 1) and added a gold medal, winning three gold medals.

Lee Da-in, who won three gold medals in the competition, entered the Pyeongtaek G Sports Club in 2020 and started exercising, and then steadily grew.

Coach Kim Hyeong-jin said, “스포츠토토 (Lee) Da-in has been growing while exercising hard and showing his potential. Her competitors are chasing between 4 and 10 seconds, so it is impossible to be sure, but if she plays a stable game without mistakes like now, it is worth challenging for multiple gold medals at the national winter sports competition to be held in two weeks.”

On the other hand, in the men’s general free 10km, the previous day’s classic runner-up Jeong Jong-won (Gyeonggi Provincial Office), the national team, beat Lee Kun-yong (24:44:9) and Kim Min-woo (Pyeongchang-gun Office, 24:47:9) with a time of 24:36:2. 1st place, and Byeon Ji-yeong (Gyeonggi Provincial Office), who won the classic the day before, stayed in 4th place with a time of 24:49:6.

However, thanks to her good performance in the classics the previous day, Byun Ji-young took first place in the combined event with a time of 51:47.4, ahead of team seniors Jung Jong-won (52:04:1) and Lee Kun-yong (53:03:0), winning her second gold medal.

In addition, in the women’s high school division, Kim Hyeon-joo (Pyeongtaek Girls’ High School) finished runner-up after Heo Bu-kyung (Busanjin Girls’ High School, 18:03:3) with a time of 18:31:5 in the free 5km, followed by a silver medal in the combined event with a time of 38:40:4. Yu Da-yeon (Pyeongtaek Girls’ High School) placed 3rd place with a time of 19:08.8 in the free race and Yebin Oh (Suwon Gwonseon High School) with a time of 39:22.8 in the combined event.

In the women’s mid-level free 5km, Kang Ha-neul (Pyeongtaek G Sports Club) and Hong Jin-seo (Pyeongtaek Segyo Middle School) trailed Jo Da-eun (Hwasun Jeil Middle School, 18:07:7) with 20:56:1 and 20:56:4, respectively. He won the bronze medal, and Hong Jin-seo in the complex added a silver medal with a time of 42 minutes 05 seconds 2.

In addition, Jung Joon-hwan (Pyeongtaek Vision High School) of Namgobu finished runner-up after Kim Seon-gyu (Jinbu High School, 25:07:6) with a time of 26:38:2 in the free 10km, followed by Kim Seon-gyu (54:03:0) in the combined event with a time of 56:07:3. ), followed by runner-up, and won only three silver medals in this competition.

Handa Som (Gyeonggi Provincial Office), the national representative of the women’s general free 5km, also finished runner-up after Lee Eui-jin (Busan City Sports Association, 13:54:9) with a time of 14:03:2, and won the bronze medal in the combined event with a time of 29:55:9.

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