Yesterday (11th), Sajik Stadium in Busan. It is the time before the first game of the Twins’ three-game road trip. Director Yeom Kyung-yeop spent time with reporters. Naturally, the ‘extreme anger’ incident last weekend also became a hot topic. I mean, the fierce anger was caught on the TV relay screen.

Reporter Cho Hyung-rae of this media covered the scene that day. And he delivered an article with this title. ‘Yeom Gyeong-yeop’s protest, “It’s not the player’s fault. All the fault lies with me and the coach.” According to this, Director Yeom’s explanation is as follows.

“It’s all the fault with me and the coach.메이저사이트 There is no fault of the players. We instruct and we teach. We’re giving direction, but it’s because we did it wrong. There is nothing that I am angry with the players for. I wanted to compliment the players. This has been my style since the Nexen (now Kiwoom) days.”

The scene in question was the 10th inning against the Lions on the 9th. Hong Chang-ki’s send-off bunt was successful at the first base (Park Hae-min). He was very angry. He pointed his finger at someone and shouted loudly. Many fans pointed out that the shape of their mouth reminded them of profanity. Perhaps, the explanation of the day seems to be conscious of the controversy. Reporter Han Yong-seop of this media reported on the 10th

‘ I was able to finish the game, but why did Yeomgal-ryang complain twice?’ I also wrote an article on another media outlet saying, “During the winning streak, Yeomgal-ryang became extremely angry.”

It’s not just the press. It was a hot issue in many communities. First of all, I was curious about ‘who was the anger towards?’. There were also differences of opinion about this expression of emotion. Regarding this, the person directly said, “It was not a criticism of the player,” and it was clear.

Of course you can. Isn’t that a tough world? If one step is twisted, it’s hell. It is a natural leader’s job to correct errors when they occur. Director Yeom elaborated and added another explanation.

“It’s not that the opponent made a mistake, it’s a scene where we didn’t score because we made a mistake. Small mistakes are very important in the game. It is me and the coaches who move the players. He was angry about the communication. One match later decides the standings. I felt it keenly, and the players must have felt the value of it last year.”

There is no wrong word. That’s perfectly true. But the point is wrong. Being angry is a thing of the past. There is no need to emphasize ‘to whom’ or ‘for what’. That’s just the realm of curiosity. The crux of the controversy lies elsewhere. It is true that he got angry ‘in public’, ‘spitting out what was presumed to be slang’, and ‘fiercely’.

It’s not like that for players, so it’s okay? Such a logic cannot be established. The dugout is a public place. This is where the fans pay attention. Above all, it is a space where the entire team can come together. It was even exposed nakedly on the broadcast screen.

If there is a mistake, it can be reprimanded. It doesn’t matter if it’s a player or another staff member. Separating them is just your own conviction. Which way it is is a matter of style. I’m not blaming the direct, intense way. There are fans who say, ‘It’s different from the atmosphere of the previous team where we laughed even if we made a mistake, so it’s actually better’.

However, the point to be covered is clear. It is a process that is openly communicated to the public. So it doesn’t matter if it’s between you. Whether it’s blushing, screaming, or sometimes spitting harsh words. It could be. We must argue, discuss, point out, and criticize without hesitation. That’s not something to point out. Only then will it be a healthy team and an organic organization.

But it just can’t be like that. There is something you need to look out for. It’s a matter of ‘where and how’.

Benches in professional sports are not private. It is a space exposed to the public through video and sound. There have already been several controversies over overlooking it.

This time is no different. No matter how close you are with yourself. Even if you have to match your breath. Even if he is literally ‘not a player’. He is a member of the team that must be respected. There is a dignity that should not be lost even in severe rebuke and scolding. No one has the right to point fingers, berate, and belittle so openly. The target is also someone’s family, friend, and respected coach.

Momentary emotions can explode. If that’s the case, it’s best to explain it later and ask for understanding. to the party and to the fans. It’s not about the context of ‘why he did it’, but about ‘the action’ itself.

Manager Yeom is a competent baseball player. As a coach, as a frontman, as a manager. He is a person with a good reputation. He is unrivaled in his deep understanding and research of baseball. He is worried about being immersed without taking care of his health. The same goes for his leadership. It is clear that he is a rational and dedicated leader.

But in this case, it’s different. The sudden rash of the day is unfamiliar. He is not the mature commander who commanded the 6th season. It is far from prudence or discernment. And so is the explanation here. empathy is difficult It’s just an unfamiliar feeling facing a completely wrong answer.

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