It is unimaginable in the KBO League to openly voice that you do not agree with the coach’s point.

St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Tyler O’Neal has been criticized by coach Oliver Marmol.

The story was like this.

The home game against the Atlanta Braves was held at St. Louis Busch Stadium on the 5th (Korean time). In the bottom of the 7th inning, trailing 1-4, with one out, O’Neal hit Joe Jimenez’s 79-mph slow slider and got on base with a left-handed hit. The next hitter Jordan Walker’s left-handed hit led to a chance to score on 1st and 2nd base.

When Juan Yepez was out, the St. Louis bench put up a pinch hitter, Brandon 메이저놀이터Donovan. Donovan delivered a clean right-handed hit against pitcher Dylan Lee, who had changed his opponent. At this time, second base runner O’Neill turned third base and rushed home. However, Atlanta right fielder Ronald Acuna Jr. made an accurate throw and was out at home.

The ball was already in catcher Sean Murphy’s mitt before O’Neal reached home. relaxed out. St. Louis, who missed the chase chance, eventually lost 1-4.

After the game, coach Mamol strongly criticized, saying, “We have a lot of players who play really hard. It’s not our style of play from the point of view of doing our best to run around the base there like that.” It means you didn’t run hard.

Third base coach Pop Warner turned his arm and sent out a sign to head home, and O’Neill had no intention of stopping as he was also behind second. However, O’Neal turned his head and glanced at the opposing defense in the process of running home. It is said that he ran slowly. Of course, Acuna Junior’s throw was strong and accurate.

Director Mamol immediately called O’Neal and urged him. O’Neill is not a slow runner. He stole 15 bases in 2021 and 14 last year. His main goal this season is 8.5m per second, which ranks in the top 21% of all players. said, ‘O’Neal carefully returned to third base and was out at home, and when the inning was over, manager Mamol called. “It was raining hard at Busch Stadium at the time, and the Cardinals were trailing by three points when third base coach Warner turned him over,” he explained.

When asked if O’Neal should have stopped at third base, Mamol said, “Basically, that’s not for the runner to judge. Why would you put a third base coach there? Until there is a sign to stop, you have to run with 100% power,” he dismissed.

However, O’Neill, the person involved, had a different idea. O’Neill was absent for a long time last year due to two hamstring injuries. Last winter, he changed his running form and trained according to the schedule.

“The manager has been pretty adamant about my run, and he thinks I’m not at my best,” O’Neill said . I come out here every day and try to do my best at my own expense for 162 games.”

He continued, “I tried to spin the base fast. I’ve done a lot of different running styles and stuff here in St. Louis. St. Louis is a place that has allowed me to run for a long time. So maybe there was too much thought put into my play. I think it is. I think it is learning from experience.”

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