The number of Premier League teams that want Lee Kang-in continues to increase. 

Lee Kang-in, who has grown into a representative playmaker in La Liga this season, has shown off his skills in every game that many teams are notable for. In addition to his sharp kick and ability to take off pressure, which were his strengths, he also improved his speed and defense this season, raising his value.

As Lee Kang-in’s performance continued,온라인카지노 interest in recruiting him continued from the winter transfer market.

He showed interest in Premier League clubs such as Aston Villa and Brighton, as well as Atlético Madrid, one of the top clubs in La Liga, but the transfer failed as Mallorca insisted on staying and buying out. 

In the end, interest in Lee Kang-in in the coming summer seems to be even hotter.

Reports that Newcastle and Brighton are targeting him have already appeared in the UK, and Lee Kang-in’s agent, Javier Garrido, visited Manchester and London in England to visit Manchester City, Wolverhampton, Aston Villa, and Fulham. Curiosity about the destination grew even more. 

In the midst of this, additional news was heard that one of the London-based teams was aiming to recruit Lee Kang-in. 

Spanish media Cadena Serre reported on the local radio broadcast on the 19th (Korean time), “West Ham is willing to pay 18 million euros (about 26 billion won), a buyout for Lee Kang-in, in the transfer market this coming summer.” 

West Ham has been sluggish this season and is staying in 15th place (31 points) in the league. 

Meanwhile, at the time of the transfer market last winter, Lee Kang-in was controversial when coach Javier Aguirre directly said, “Lee Kang-in’s buyout is 30 million euros (approximately 43.3 billion won),” but this does not seem to be true. 

Reporter Juan Carlos Taura of Mallorca’s local media ‘Cope Mallorca’ said on his social media on the 19th, “Lee Kang-in will leave Mallorca if there is a team that pays 18 million euros. It’s not 30 million euros, it’s 18 million euros.” Reported about Lee Kang-in’s buyout.

“Atletico Madrid offered him 10 million euros in the last transfer window, so Mallorca refused,” he explained, explaining that he could not transfer because there was no team that paid 18 million euros in the winter transfer window.

Currently, the candidates for Lee Kang-in’s Premier League destination, which have been picked by foreign media, are Aston Villa, Newcastle, Brighton, Wolverhampton, and Fulham.

London-based West Ham appeared as the 6th team in the Premier League aiming for Lee Kang-in.

With Lee Kang-in’s chances of advancing to the Premier League next season increasing,

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