Professional basketball Goyang Carrot has entered the safe zone of advancing to the playoffs in the round of 6, but is in tears due to poor team management and finances.

Carrot won 96-91 in the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball Wonju DB match at Wonju Sports Complex on the 7th and won two consecutive wins.메이저사이트

5th place Carrot, who reported 24 wins (21 losses), with 9 games remaining, widened his ride with Suwon KT (19 wins, 26 losses) in 7th place to 5 games, and advanced to the playoffs in the round of 6. If it is not for a long losing streak due to a sudden slump, it is likely to advance to the playoffs.

However, there is a variable that is non-payment of subscription fee. Carrot has not paid 1 billion won out of the 1.5 billion won membership fee of KBL. It must be paid by the end of the month.

KBL decided not to qualify even if Carrot does not make the remaining 1 billion won, even if he enters the final 6th place and goes to the playoffs. Even with stable performance and rankings, it is impossible to guarantee ‘spring basketball’.

Carrot was unable to meet the payment deadline for the first subscription fee (500 million won) even before the season opened in October of last year, resulting in a crippling crisis. From January to this month this year, the salaries of the players were delayed for three consecutive months.

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