The Hanwha Eagles, who are in a hurry to be in last place, took a drive for change after the season last year. I was at the bottom for three consecutive years, but it wasn’t just ‘last place’. It scored the lowest point with a win rate of 3.204, and fell 14 games behind the 9th place Doosan Bears. I expected a rebuilding result, but rather took a step back. In a situation where it is practically impossible to replace coach Carlos Subero (51), SSG Landers pitching coach Lee Dae-jin (49) has been brought in. The newly appointed general manager Son Hyuk (50), a former pitcher, brought in a Korean head coach who was a former pitcher. The two-year ‘foreign manager-head coach’ system has ended.

Head coach Lee Dae-jin, the key to the change in the coaching staff. Immediately after winning his 100th career win and retiring, he had a relationship with Hanwha as a leader. He went around and returned to Daejeo바카라n after 10 years. He focused on the pitching part for the past 10 years, but it became a position where he had to look at the entire team.

Korean head coach under foreign coach. Even if you don’t say a lot, your role is there. Head coach Lee said, “I will do ‘communication’ well so that we can become a strong team.” Communication with foreign coaches and coaches must be smooth to bring out even the power that was not there. In the foreigner two-top system, there are limits to communication. It is on a different level from respect for Korean baseball.

First spring camp as head coach. Head coach Lee said, “It’s both awkward and new. When I was a pitching coach, I only had to worry about the pitcher, but I’m busy moving around the stadium. Basically, I’m watching training, looking for improvements and sharing the contents. The attitude of watching and training,

Hanwha will train in Mesa, Arizona, USA until the end of this month. Afterwards, they move to Okinawa, Japan, and hold a second camp focused on practice games.

In an era where everyone talks about ‘communication’, there is no one who does not know that ‘communication’ is important. It is important that the other person has an attitude to ‘communicate’.

Head coach Lee said, “Because I am the head coach, I communicate a lot with the coach. I can see that he is trying to listen a lot. Unlike the foreign head coach, he asked me to actively talk about Korean baseball or anything, so I tried to visit him often and talk. I am working hard,” he said.

He also said, “As the players go through difficult times during the camp, I talk a lot with the coaches so that I can create a good atmosphere at that time.”

He stressed the role of the coach. “Coaches shouldn’t be shaken. Then even the players are shaken. If the coaches are not shaken and become one team, the players naturally follow the atmosphere. That’s why I’m emphasizing the original team.”

After 10 years of general coaching, he became the chief. His role has been upgraded to the next level. He knows the role well because he has been preparing for a long time by watching the head coaches as a player and coach.

“I wanted to try the position of head coach at least once. He has valuable experience building a team as head coach. The general manager definitely trusts and entrusts the field.”

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