“I think I will be able to achieve good results in the World Cup with the new uniform!”

The Korean women’s national team, led by Colin Bell, beat Zambia 5-0 with Lee Geum-min’s hat-trick and Park Eun-sun’s multi-goal in the A-match evaluation match held at Yongin Mir Stadium at 7:00 pm on the 11th. Belho, who won the first game 5-2, finished the warm-up match against Zambia with two consecutive wins.

The women’s national team wore fresh new uniforms for this evaluation match. On the 3rd, Nike, a sponsor of soccer team supplies, announced the uniforms to be worn by the national team at the ‘2023 FIFA Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup’. In the meantime, the women’s national team wore the same uniform as the men’s national team. This time, women’s uniforms were released for the first time, drawing a lot of attention.

In the second match against Zambia, Korea’s away uniform made its debut. 온라인카지노A white top with red and blue stripes using Taegeukgi, and black bottoms. It was differentiated from the men’s national team, where both the top and bottom were white. The body curves of men and women were reflected in the uniforms as well.

Striker Lee Geum-min (29, Brighton), who scored three goals in the second game, was very satisfied with the new uniform. He said, “I had more room than men’s uniforms, and there was no discomfort in movement. As he played, he didn’t care about his uniform. Before that, there were times when I ran while worrying about small or tight ones. The women’s uniform came out really comfortable. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the design. He thanks Nike,” he laughs.

The female-only uniforms have been added with meticulous features. This women’s national team uniform is equipped with cutting-edge technology that prevents leakage of menstrual blood. The reason why the bottoms are black is to let the players focus only on the game. The England women’s team also recently changed their bottoms from white to black for the same reason.

Captain Kim Hye-ri said, “Women players are more concerned when a game is held on a day that is held once a month. In the new uniform this time, the white pants have been changed to black. You can only focus on the game. Wearing the new uniform, I think I will be able to perform well in the World Cup,” she said with a bright smile. 

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