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“The honor of the WBC coaching proposal… I accepted it right away without hesitation”
“KT won the championship in 8 years.. Receive encouragement and the national team will achieve good results”
“The manager comes up step by step… Understanding the players’ minds is an advantage”    
“The Korea-Japan match, there is superpower… You can know the result only after the game is over”
“Prepare for each game thinking about the results that will bring joy to the people. “
“High expectations for players from the US Major League”
“The foundation for us to do well as a team was created by seeing the players’ dedication at the World Cup “
“There are concerns about the final list announcement and exposure of strategic analysis… It will be delayed”

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: welcome. nice to meet you Directed by Lee Kang-cheol. He is the manager of the Korean national baseball team and also the manager of KT WIZ. The WBC tournament will be held in the spring of next year, and I was invited to the news briefing by Joo Young-jin because I was personally hosting the tournament as the national team coach. Director, welcome.

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ Director: How are you?

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: Did you take a break after the season?

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ Director: Yes. The finishing camp is held well in November. I am resting well for the month of December.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: Are the players and coaching staff resting now?

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ Director: Yes. This is our only break.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: But I don’t think the director can just rest.

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ Director: I’m under a lot of pressure right now. Especially after the World Cup was so good, I think the issue will come to our WBC again, but I’m trying to prepare well even though I’ve been given a lot of heavy responsibilities.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: That’s right. Didn’t the World Cup teams show their best performance and advanced to the round of 16, and many people praised them? The WBC baseball team, there have been many things in the meantime, but our baseball team has also impressed me a lot in international competitions.

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ Director: That’s right. I made a lot of good results at the WBC in 2006 and 2009, and the Olympics, as well, recently came in and my grades were a little low.

▷ Joo Young-Jin/Anchor: But since when did our baseball team choose a full-time manager like the national team?

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ Director: Yes. Not a full-time director. Only the WBC was entrusted with this.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: And do you continue to direct KT?

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ Director: Yes.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: I wonder if you tilted your head a little when you were first offered this.

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ coach: Actually, it was a personal honor when I was offered a place where the best players gathered, and I was offered as the national team coach for that place. It is also burdensome, but it is also a position where someone must take responsibility, so when an offer came to me, I accepted it right away.

▷ Joo Young-Jin/Anchor: Isn’t KT’s Korean Series victory last year the decisive factor in suggesting the WBC team coach?

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ Director: Yes. That seems to have worked quite a bit.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: KT is a team that has just been founded.

▶ Lee Kang-chul/KT WIZ coach: We won the championship after 8 years. So now, even when we were in charge of KT, we were a team with lower grades, but by making good use of that opportunity, we are becoming a good team, so the national team’s performance is a little bad now, but we took that as another good opportunity, so we can get good grades again in March next year It is a somewhat important position because I think many people will come to the KBO league if I do, but I am preparing well now to do well.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: I want to ask director Lee Kang-cheol something I’m really curious about. If the leader is excellent, it seems that teams that have been performing poorly in the meantime suddenly improve their performance. Is this the ability of the leader only or did the original players have potential and made the leader to show what they have not been able to show so far? Doesn’t this mean that the players have to be great again to improve their performance?

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ Director: What I felt after coming here seems to be the latter. Basically, you have to have it to be able to move a little like this, but it’s actually not easy to create something out of nothing with nothing. I have a certain quality, but I think that it was good to have a good eye to see the players’ strengths and to use this player in which element.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: Director Lee Kang-cheol also had a brilliant player life as a player. I remember, 152 wins.

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ Director: Thank you.

▷ Joo Young-Jin/Anchor: This time, Hyeon-Jong Yang broke the record and went down from 3rd to 4th in the overall ranking. How is it? During his days as a player, he may not have known the feelings of non-main players well, because he was always a main player. Yes?

▶ Director Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ: But unfortunately, I was the first free agent, but I had a difficult time because I couldn’t rehabilitate after surgery. At that time, I had a lot of contact with the players in the 2nd team, and I knew a lot of their sorrow and pain, but I wanted to know a little about these players’ minds when I became a leader later. Because of that, I’m thinking that I didn’t understand the feelings of those players little by little because I knew their feelings, and that was a very strong point for me.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: I have been living a leadership life step by step from the bottom. Director Lee Kang-cheol’s appearance as a player comes out, but with a sidearm under throw, which was rare in Korea. How much was the speed per hour at that time, in its heyday?

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ Director: I started to get a little faster in college. According to the players at that time, it seems to have reached about 45 km.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: 145km.

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ Director: I think I thought like this for 139, 40 seconds as a pro.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: Have you ever regretted saying, ‘I should have just thrown as an orthodox’, when I was a player.

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ Director: When I was young, I started as a pitcher and a beast like this, but my arm naturally didn’t go up like this. So I started with a natural three-quarters, but I think it went down like this naturally. I think it worked well for me.

▷ Joo Young-Jin/Anchor: Didn’t Director Lee Kang-cheol join Haitai Tigers, which was so splendid, that the whole country was like a home stadium?

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ Coach: I joined in 1989.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: Did you join Haitai and win the KIA when you were a coach?

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ Director: Yes, in 2009.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: And as a coach, he won KT and is the second coach after Cho Beom-hyun, who achieved the so-called travel.

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ Coach: I don’t know how coach Cho Bum-hyun did when he was a player. Is this the first time I’ve won the Korean Series MVP? I think there was a record like this. Me too suddenly.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: Very humble again. If you are proud of the director, you should be proud.

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ Director: No.

▷ Joo Young-Jin/Anchor: It was not only the performance but also the leadership that was fully recognized. Now, going back to the WBC story, will this be held in the United States, Japan, Canada, etc. in March next year? Are they held in different countries?

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ Coach: First of all, from March 9th, we will hold the preliminaries at the Tokyo tournament.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: Round 1.

▶ Director Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ: From the semifinals, we will play in Miami, USA, and then the other leagues will be held in Taiwan and 3 places in the US.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: Looking at Japan now, Korea’s match is against Australia on March 9, and the next day is Japan. That match will be the most important hurdle.

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ Director: That’s right. Anyway, because it’s a match between Korea and Japan, it’s always an important match between Korea and Japan.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: I read the article now, and Japan is Darvish and Ohtani.

▶ Lee Kang-chul/KT WIZ Coach: Ohtani, I heard that all players are participating now.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: You must be a bit burdened. How confident are you? 토토

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ Coach: We always play like this, but the game between Korea and Japan is clearly superior in terms of technology and skills, but because of the characteristics of the game between Korea and Japan, and because the players have superhuman strength, the game is It seems like you always know when it’s over. So, we are always below the power prize, but when the game starts, baseball is also a game of pitchers, so it changes a lot depending on the game that day, so we can’t say we lose or win, but we prepared well and showed a good game as the people think. are preparing to

▷ Joo Young-Jin/Anchor: Looking at the viewership ratings for the Korean series, I heard that there are so many fans who like baseball. Maybe even those who don’t know about baseball will probably watch the WBC again, because it’s a national match and especially a match against Japan.

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ Director: That’s right.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: How far is our director Lee Kang-cheol’s gaze this time? Are you on your way to winning?

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ coach: I was like that even when I was in charge of KT WIZ, but I focus on one game after another and prepare for the next game according to that game, so the first thing I think about is a performance that the people can enjoy. I’m always thinking about and thinking about going there.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: If you look at the World Cup national team and the national soccer team this time, the original team and ‘the people are watching us, let’s not forget’. I really felt those feelings during the interview. However, our baseball players now have many stars, and such players, each with their own individuality, can become such an original team and play.

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ Director: That’s right. Players from all clubs, not some of our teams, gathered together, but what I think is good is that there are players who have played MLB, such as Kwang-Hyun Kim and Shin-Soo Choo. I feel a lot of responsibility, and seeing the dedication of the players especially through this World Cup, our players come up a lot in interviews, but if they are selected there, it seems that they have built a foundation for them to go well as the original team, right now.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: This time, coach Lee Kang-cheol will also make a team with the best players, including Kim Ha-seong, who is playing in our major league. When will the selection of players and representative players be announced?

▶ Director Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ: Since we are not making an announcement as a whole right now, if we make an announcement first, the power analysis will be too exposed, so we made a final decision again on the 3rd, 3rd, or 4th of January. I’ll do it, but I’m thinking of postponing the announcement a little. I’m thinking about notifying each player, and I’m thinking a little bit about various plans.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: The players playing in the major leagues are Kim Ha-seong and Choi Ji-man.

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ Coach: Choi Ji-man has now undergone elbow surgery, so we are watching him a bit more.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: Ryu Hyun-jin is currently in rehabilitation, so it will probably be difficult to be selected again this time.

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ Director: Yes. And over there, Edman, whose mother is of Korean descent, also received a Golden Globe in 21, is a multiplayer player who can play multiple positions with good defense, and is quick on his feet, so I think it will be a card we can use well. . I’m probably thinking a lot about keystone play with Kim Ha-seong.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: If we are selected this time, it will be a new history of the baseball team again.

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ Director: I think so.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: Among the parents, a mixed-race player whose mother is Korean will play for Korea. Director Lee Kang-cheol’s resolution to our viewers, and also a New Year’s greeting, please make it simple.

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ Coach: There is about 15 days left in 22, and the remaining time is really precious, but I hope you have a good time and have a happy New Year and support us so that we can play well next year. Happy New Year. thank you

▷ Joo Young-Jin/Anchor: Our director Lee Kang-cheol, if I remember, I think he’s the same age as me. than me

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ Director: Is that so?

▷ Joo Young-Jin/Anchor: You seem to be a year older than me now, but do you remember that song in those days?

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ Director: Yes.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: I think you will remember that song because you played baseball. I made a movie out of Lee Hyeon-se’s cartoon and actor Choi Jae-seong took on the role of a magpie. I can do anything you like. This time, our baseball fans must be able to show the kind of baseball that the people want, right?

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ Coach: We will prepare well so that we can bring the heat of the World Cup as it is. We ask for your support.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: I see. I will finish my interview with coach Lee Kang-cheol here, hoping that the fever of the World Cup will continue to the WBC in March next year. I really enjoyed listening to you today.

▶ Lee Kang-cheol/KT WIZ Director: Thank you.

▷ Joo Young-Jin/Anchor: Joo Young-Jin’s News Briefing Today, I’ll greet you here. Everyone who watched, thank you. It is said that the weather will be very cold again tomorrow, so please pay special attention to your health care. Health is the best. Everyone who watched, thank you.