“I got the context wrong. I’m sorry to all the fans.”

KT Mental Coach Ahn Young-myeong, who became a target of criticism for defending Choo Shin-soo, who made bitter comments about An Woo-jin’s selection for the national team, apologized to the fans.

He apologized for the inconvenience caused by the interpretation of his remarks in a different direction than he had expected. 온라인카지노

Coach Ahn said, “I am an absolute supporter of clean baseball. He has shown a calm stance towards players who have caused problems such as school violence, drunk driving and gambling. This time, I had no intention of covering up An Woo-jin’s school violence.”

Coach Ahn’s support for Shin-soo Choo was limited to what he did for his juniors as a senior.

Coach Ahn said, “I was very disappointed to see seniors in baseball openly criticizing juniors through commentary and not taking responsibility. I wanted to support senior Choo Shin-soo, who is still standing up for his juniors. However, he overlooked the fact that he included issues such as school violence and WBC issues. everything is my mistake A more serious problem was overlooked. I absolutely had no desire to advocate for school violence,” he said.

A player he knew well also said, “Coach Ahn is a senior who has been cold-hearted about the behavior of the players. He was a senior who greatly scolded players who caused problems. It seems that there was some misunderstanding this time. It seems that it happened because what I was originally trying to say wasn’t conveyed properly.”

Coach Ahn once again expressed his apology.

Coach Ahn said, “It was a mistake not to understand the hearts of the fans. I simply supported senior Choo Shin-soo, who risked criticism and stepped out for his juniors. He wasn’t even endorsing what was contained in it. I want to apologize once again for causing misunderstandings to the fans.”

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