LG Twins left-handed pitcher Ham Deok-joo failed to show his business card to the free agent market this time. This is because he failed to fill the FA registration days. This season, he will once again revive as a reserve free agent.

Ham Deok-ju, who performed like Altoran in the starting and bullpen during the Doosan Bears, wore an LG uniform as a trade ahead of the 2021 season. LG, which lacked selection at the time, tried to use Ham Deok-ju as a starter, but it was not possible, and in early May, he went down to the second group due to elbow pain. He rehabilitated instead of surgery and returned in the second half of the season, but the pain returned at the end of the season and he eventually underwent bone fragment removal surgery. 온라인카지노

2022 was more important to Ham Deok-ju. In order to become a preliminary FA jackpot, good performance was necessary. He showed good form as a bullpen pitcher in the early years, but was dropped to the second team in early May to be converted to a starter and was unable to pitch due to an injury. His performance in the 2022 season was a 2.13 earned run average with no wins or losses in 13 appearances. He did not qualify as a free agent due to the number of free agency registration days.

Ham Deok-joo was included in the list of Arizona first-team camps departing on the 30th. LG, which is aiming for the championship, needs the experience of Ham Deok-joo, who showed good performances in various positions such as starting and finishing, and played a total of 19 games in the postseason, including 12 games in the Korean Series, at Doosan.

His bullpen is especially important this season. They say Woo-seok Ko, Woo-young Jung, and Jeong-yong Lee are abundant in the bullpen, but they have to prepare for LG pitchers to be selected for the Asian Games held later in the season. Ham Deok-joo, who recorded 55 saves and 33 holds, needs to show off his skills.

I came to LG with a lot of expectations, but for two years, I didn’t show anything due to an injury. Ham Deok-joo’s trade partner, Yang Seok-hwan, has been compared for two years with good performances. Coincidentally, Yang Seok-hwan also became a reserve free agent this time. Even in the FA market after the season, comparisons can be made.

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