division , starting from the 2nd round Lee Hyeon -seung was also selected as a setter during the 3rd round . It is as difficult as ‘picking’. Therefore, as a rookie, if you win the starting spot, the possibility of winning the title of rookie king increases.

As the 2022-2023 V-League comes to an end, attention is also focused on the direction of the rookie king. Shin Ho-jin (OK Financial Group) and Yeom Eor-hung (Pepper Savings Bank), who are the first picks in both men and women’s drafts, seem to be on the verge of confusion in a situation where they can hardly get a spot or are out of season due to surgery.

In the men’s division, a competition between newcomers who have established themselves as the main players in Hyundai Capital and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, the ‘famous houses of tradition’, is unfolding. The first one that caught the attention was Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance’s middle blocker Kim Jun-woo (23). Kim Jun-woo, who started in the Samsung Fire & Marine uniform as the 3rd overall player from the opening game, went back and forth between the starter 토토사이트and the bench in the first round, and from the second round he secured a spot as an unshakable starter. He played 84 sets in 24 matches and scored 132 points (52.38% attack success rate). His average of 0.536 blocks per set ranks 8th overall.

Hyundai Capital is entrusting the position of the main setter, the ‘field commander on the court’, to a rookie. The main character is Lee Hyeon-seung (22). Lee Hyun-seung, who was nominated by Hyundai Capital as the 2nd overall player, is growing rapidly under the training of coach Choi Tae-woong, a former famous setter who inherits the lineage of men’s volleyball setters. Lee Hyun-seung, who made his first debut on November 27 last year when the second round was in full swing, was dropped as the starting setter before Woori Card on December 14 of the third round and has been starting since then. Since he is a rookie, he has ups and downs in each game, but he is a player who stands out for his boldness and guts, which is hard to shake even after mistakes that are unbelievable for his young age. Even coach Choi praised him, saying, “It is not easy to become the main setter at the age of Lee Hyun-seung.”

In terms of participation time and individual records, Kim Jun-woo is ahead. However, Hyundai Capital is actually in second place as of the 7th, such as booking spring volleyball, while Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance is staying at the bottom.

In the women’s division, there is no player like Kim Jun-woo or Lee Hyeon-seung who has secured a solid starting position, so candidates for the rookie of the year are hard to see. As a naturalized Mongolian player, the tallest (195 cm) tallest female volleyball player in Korea, Yeom Er-Hung, the first overall player, was out of the season due to knee surgery after only playing in two games.

At least there are some rookies who got a chance to compete at KGC Ginseng Corporation, so family fights may happen. Setter Park Eun-ji (19), who joined as the 4th overall player, was given the most opportunities among rookies by participating in 46 sets of 20 games, showing off her presence with bold tosswork at the beginning of the season when main setter Yeom Hye-sun was sluggish. Libero Choi Hyo-seo (19), who was selected as the 6th pick in the second round and became a motivation with Park Eun-ji, took the opportunity to play when starting player Libero Nolan suffered a long-term injury due to a ruptured Achilles tendon during the national team training. She participated in 17 matches and 43 sets, showing off her decent defense, and was also selected as an All-Star as a rookie.

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