NC outfielder Kim Seong-wook’s nickname was ‘baseball genius’ before ‘beef’. Although he has not yet shown the genius side of the first team, his two double-digit home run seasons are still a reason to expect him. In the first season after being discharged from Sangmu, Kim Seong-wook is looking at the first team stag카지노e again with a different mindset than before.

NC had a bigger outflow than power reinforcement in this Stove League. Yang Eui-ji chose to return to Doosan, and Noh Jin-hyuk moved to Lotte. However, he did not renew the contract with free agent outfielders Lee Myung-ki and Kwon Hee-dong. He tried to dissuade him ahead of the FA application, but the players’ will was strong. NC chose to restructure the outfield, and Kim Seong-wook is at the center of it.

Coach Kang In-kwon explained the outfielder rotation plan in an interview with Spotify News before leaving for spring camp, paying attention to Kim Seong-wook, who was discharged, and Han Seok-hyun, who was recruited as a Futures free agent.

Triple-A home run king Jason Martin has joined Park Kun-woo and Son Ah-seop’s outfield, but it is impossible to spend a season with them alone. Kim Seong-wook and Han Seok-hyeon should fill the defensive gap left by Lee Myung-gi (549 innings) and Kwon Hee-dong (482⅓ innings). Kim Ki-hwan’s defensive innings, which were released after being caught drunk driving, also exceeded 200 innings.

Kim Seong-wook, who joined the first-team spring camp after his discharge, spent the off-season faithfully, knowing the responsibility given to him. He showed confidence, saying, “I have prepared my body better than ever.”

Regarding batting, “In the past, I had a lot of worries about form. I felt that even if I made a good form while thinking about various things in the managing director, it was important to respond in practice. I don’t think much about form now. Timing with the pitcher and the ball I am focusing on response. Because there is a gap in practice, I do not know how the pitchers’ balls will feel when I step into the plate, but I will quickly find a sense and show a good image.”

Hitting coach Song Ji-man is also planning to help Kim Seong-wook make up for the void in the actual game. Coach Song Ji-man said, “Kim Seong-wook had elbow surgery before being discharged from Sangmu, and there was a gap in the actual game. It seems that he has been building his body well throughout the winter to relieve the sense of the game and the anxiety elements of previous failure experiences. It feels technical rather than a lot of feedback. “I’m giving him enough time so that he can relieve the anxiety factor when he enters the game looking for a good match. Because he is a player with a lot of experience, I expect to be able to recover his sense of the game soon.”

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