Jose Ramirez (Cleveland Guardians), who had a brawl during a major league (MLB) game, has been given a lighter punishment.토토사이트

ESPN reported on the 13th (Korean time) that Ramirez’ suspension was reduced from three to two.

On the 6th, a group brawl broke out in the game between Cleveland and the Chicago White Sox.

It was Ramirez and White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson who provided the excuse.

Ramirez hit a double with one out and second base in the sixth inning as Cleveland was trailing 0-5. Ramirez, who entered second base by head-first sliding, engaged in a fist fight while talking with Anderson, who came in second base cover.

They raised their fists and took a boxing stance, then punched each other. Players from both teams rushed to the ground, leading to a bench clearing, and the coaches also engaged in a war of words.

At that time, six people were ordered to leave.

On the 8th, the MLB Secretariat issued a heap of discipline to players, managers, and coaches involved in the brawl. Ramirez, who threw a fist first, was suspended for 6 games, and Ramirez was also suspended for 3 games.

Ramirez’s punishment was reduced to two games as both appealed.

Ramirez, who played until the Tampa Bay race on the 12th, cannot participate until the 14th following this day.

Meanwhile, Anderson is still awaiting the outcome of the appeal.

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