Ballistic Golf announced on the 14th that it will introduce the fitting program ‘Balistic Fit’.

Ballistic Fit is a club-customized solution that applies an ergonomic fitting mechanism. Ballistic Golf is conducting ballistic fit through a strategic alliance with Just Fit, a domestic professional fitting center.

Based on in-dept토토사이트h customer FGI, swing data analysis, and individual swing motion analysis, you can check head speed, dynamic loft, attack angle, face angle, club path, and more. Afterwards, the numerical values ​​are analyzed to provide immediate feedback and to adjust the weight, length, and angle of the three parts of the head, shaft, and grip. Swing correction is also done through club diagnosis data. Shaft strength and ballistic MB and CB heads are recommended to suit each individual’s style.

An official from Ballistic Golf explained, “More and more golfers are looking for fitting clubs rather than just using ready-made golf clubs. Reflecting this trend, we have launched a fitting program that can increase the distance and accuracy tailored to each individual.”

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