Kiwoom Heroes coach Hong Won-ki asked outfielder Lee Jung-hoo to captain the team during a personal meeting with the players earlier this month.

Lee Jung-hoo is the face of Kiwoom, recognized by others. Lee Jung-hoo, who has received a lot of attention since entering as the first nomination in 2017, is walking on a ‘flower road’ by winning the Rookie of the Year award that year and then winning the Outfielder Golden Glove for five consecutive years from 2018, the second year. Last year, he peaked his career as the league MVP with the honor of winning 토토사이트 5 batting titles.

It is natural for Kiwoom to want Lee Jung-hoo, the star of the team, to captain the team. However, since Lee Jung-hoo can challenge the major leagues by posting at the end of this season, it is time for him to personally be careful about everything. It can be a big burden to take on the captain who has to act as a bridge between the club and the players while producing individual results. In fact, there are sometimes players who give up the captaincy in the middle as their grades drop after becoming captain.

However, Lee Jung-hoo decided to devote himself to his cause. This is Lee Jung-hoo’s first captain post since his debut. Director Hong, who came to Incheon International Airport for the team’s spring camp departure on the 29th, thanked the reporters, saying, “It is an important season both personally and as a team.

Coach Hong then said of Lee Jung-hoo, “I don’t worry about his grades because he is a player who prepares thoroughly. He always shows energy on the field, so he will have a good influence on other players.” .

Ahn Woo-jin, who shared the burden with Lee Jeong-hoo, said, “As a team member, he is a senior I am grateful for. I want to show good results when I am there,” he said, expressing his feelings about working on the season that will be his last with Lee Jung-hoo.

After accepting the captaincy, Lee Jung-hoo said through the club, “There are many young players in our team. said.

He continued, “I will create an atmosphere where all the players, regardless of age and seniority, can always come comfortably and talk and share their concerns. In a good atmosphere, I will do my best to help the team rise to a higher level. “He expressed his determination.

Lee Jung-hoo personally left for the United States early this month ahead of this season, which is more important than ever, and is building his body in the best facility. After joining the team’s spring camp next month, he will begin training for the WBC national team from the 14th. If he wins both the WBC and the Hangzhou Asian Games in September, he may go abroad as a free agent instead of posting, so the national team game is also important to him.

After finishing the postseason as runner-up last year, Lee Jung-hoo expressed his desire to win the Korean Series, saying, “I want to be in a higher position next year.” The 2023 season with Kiwoom Lee Jung-hoo’s presidential challenge, which could be the last for the time being.

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