Neymar warmly welcomed ‘World Cup Champion’ Lionel Messi.

There was a lot of talk about this Qatar World Cup. Outside of the game, there was a lot of talk and trouble, but the tournament itself was well received. Many soccer fans went crazy over the numerous ‘extraordinary events’ that had been pouring in from the group stage, and the teams called as candidates for the championship had to pack their bags in an unexpected round. Germany and Belgium failed to cross the threshold of the group stage, and Brazil, Spain and Portugal also failed to reach the final. Morocco led a sensation by writing the history of Africa’s first semifinal, and Croatia also left a good result following the last tournament.

However, the main character was different. it’s messi What was left for Messi, who was considered the best player of all time, was the World Cup trophy, and he took on the last challenge in this World Cup. Argentine players came together for Messi’s ‘Last Dance’, and Messi also played a great role, recording 7 goals and 3 assists. Argentina, who met France in the final, won the victory after a close penalty shootout, and Messi stood tall as the best player ever.

After that, he enjoyed a honey-like vacation. Messi returned to his ‘homeland’ Argentina, where he had a victory parade amid enthusiastic support from the people and took a break in his hometown of Rosario. Kylian Mbappe, who also participated in the World Cup final, returned to the team for the second half, but Messi was given an additional vacation and did not play in the last match against Stade Reims. 토토사이트

After that, he returned to his team. Messi appeared at PSG’s training ground on the 4th (Korean time). The club presented the ‘Guard of Honor’ to Messi who achieved the World Cup victory and also awarded a gold medal. A smile spread across Messi’s face at the club’s consideration.

He also reunited with his colleagues. Mbappe was not on the day of Messi’s return due to the club’s consideration, but Neymar, a ‘best friend’, welcomed Messi more warmly than anyone else. He could have expressed regret at being eliminated from the World Cup, but he smiled brightly and was delighted with Messi’s victory. “Aren’t you the world champion?” he approached Messi, shook his hand and hugged him.

Messi, who has returned to the team, is expected not to play until the next game. He has a tight time to improve his condition and as it is the round of 64 of the Coupe de France against an easy opponent, he does not appear to be forced to play.