After signing an annual salary contract of 20 billion won, he signed an extension contract of 400 billion won in one day. This is the story of Boston third baseman Rafael Devers (27, photo) of the American Professional Baseball Major League (MLB). According to and others on the 5th, Devers signed an extension contract with Boston, his team, for 11 years for 331 million dollars (approximately 420.2 billion won). Devers, who will become a free agent (FA) at the end of this season, signed an annual salary contract of 17.5 million dollars (approximately 22.2 billion won) with Boston the previous day. His contract extension is for 11 years, from 2024 to 2034.

Devers’ contract size is the sixth largest in MLB history. He surpassed the contract size (330 million dollars in 13 years) of Philadelphia Bryce Harper (31), who was previously ranked 6th, by a million dollars. It also surpassed the contract (7 years, $217 million) of left-handed pitcher David Price (38) in 2017, which was the largest in Boston history. Devers, who made his big league debut in Boston in 2017, wore a World Series championship ring in 2018 and was selected as a Silver Slugger in 2021. He was also selected as an All-Star for two consecutive years in 2021 and 2022. 토토

Boston fans, who were shocked by the fact that starting shortstop Sander Bohartz (31) signed an 11-year, $280 million (approximately 355.4 billion won) free agent contract with San Diego last December, took a breather with Devers’ contract extension. The Athletic, a sports media outlet, evaluated that “Devers’ contract extension marks the beginning of a new era for Boston.”

The long-term contract of more than 10 years is also the fourth only in this Stove League. In addition to Devers and Bohartz, Trey Turner (30) signed with Philadelphia for 11 years and 300 million dollars (approximately 380.8 billion won), and Carlos Correa (29) with New York Mets for 12 years and 315 million dollars (approximately 399.8 billion won). I made a contract. From the club’s point of view, it is analyzed that it is to reduce the luxury tax burden by preoccupying players and extending the contract period.