Ulsan Hyundai prepared a special place. This was not to amplify the recent controversy, but to correct whether it was true or not.

Ulsan held a press conference for the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp at Lotte City Hotel in Ulsan at 2:00 pm on the 16th. In the first part, coach Hong Myung-bo, who is preparing for the new season, and captain Jung Seung-hyun, Joo Min-gyu, and Kim Young-kwon attended.

An unavoidable question came to director Hong Myung-bo. It’s an issue related to Jun Amano’s transfer. Amano joined Ulsan on loan last season and played a big role. He contributed to the K-League 1 championship by recording 9 goals and 1 assist in 30 games. The new season seemed to continue to accompany Ulsan.

# Amano’s trip to Jeonbuk… Coach Hong Myung-bo’s criticism

However, Amano chose to go to Jeonbuk rather than stay. In response, coach Hong Myung-bo said on the 11th, “(Amano) said at first that money was not important. But in the end, he moved to Jeonbuk because of money. He lied and went. I have met many Japanese players so far, but he is the worst among them.” Amano was strongly criticized.

Amano, who heard this news, said on the 12th, “I respect coach Hong Myung-bo, and I am grateful that he brought me to Korea. Last season, we fought together to win the championship in Ulsan. But yesterday (coach Hong Myung-bo) I saw an article. It is regrettable that such remarks were made through the media.”

While the controversy did not fade away easily, director Hong Myung-bo made an official appearance again. However, coach Hong Myung-bo, who attended the press conference at the media camp, briefly commented on the remarks on the 11th, saying, “I did not make a personal attack (toward Amano)”, saying, “Today’s seat, ask me about the story of the players ahead of the new season. “requested.

# The reason why Ulsan went to ‘fact check’

Ulsan held a media briefing related to Amano transfer. The reason for setting up the briefing time was simple. Lee Jong-hoon, secretary-general of Ulsan, said, “I created this place because a part that was different from the facts was mentioned. The purpose is to correct it. We also hope that other new issues will arise in the process of preparing for the season. I hope this issue will be settled here.” .

The remarks in question came at a press conference at Media Camp in Jeonbuk on the 12th. At the time, Amano said, “I expressed my intention to stay in Ulsan, but there was no official offer from the club. So I thought there was no intention of renewing the contract.” Later, a Jeonbuk official corrected, “Ulsan made an offer in mid-November, but at that time, I was already inclined to Jeonbuk.”

Ulsan’s position is that, unlike Amano’s remarks, the club has been moving about contract discussions since July of last year. Seong-Woo Jeon, vice-captain of Ulsan, who is in charge of recruiting players, said, “I knew about Jeonbuk’s offer, but it was difficult for us to match the amount. However, Amano demanded a lower amount and promised, ‘If you accept this condition, I will remain’.” . 토토사이트

# ‘Timeline’ related to Amano transfer presented by

Ulsan It was in July last year that contract discussions between Ulsan and Amano first took place. At this time, Ulsan talked about the 2023 contract through Amano’s agent. Both re-lease and complete recruitment were reviewed, but there was a disagreement with the player. Ulsan needed time to think about this.

After the season ended, a place to talk again was set up. On October 26, coach Hong Myung-bo and coach Cho Kwang-soo had a meeting with Amano, followed by an individual interview with coach Cho Kwang-soo. And the next day (27th), there was a final meeting between Ulsan Secretariat and Amano. According to Ulsan’s claim, at this time, Amano announced his ‘intention to remain’ and even reached an agreement on personal conditions.

Afterwards, Ulsan made an official move. On October 31, I submitted a rental proposal to Yokohama. It was the same conditions as when signing for a lease in 2022. After that, on November 3, I sent a second rental proposal. As additional options were added to the existing proposal, it was at the same level as Jeonbuk’s proposal. After that (4th), I delivered the player contract and club lease agreement to Amano.

# Why it became an issue

Ulsan confirmed Amano’s willingness to stay and presented a contract that reflected the player’s requirements, so they thought that the company would continue. The process was also natural. After confirming the player’s intention in advance, he made a loan offer to the original team, and then delivered an official contract to the player’s side. However, the final trip to Ulsan did not take place.

As this issue became known, attention was focused on director Hong Myung-bo’s remarks. After confirming that they agreed to some extent, Amano did not choose Ulsan despite the official transfer process. From the perspective of trust, it is definitely a situation where Ulsan can be disappointed. In response, director Hong Myung-bo used rather strong wording to criticize Amano.

However, it is difficult to see that Amano’s final choice of Jeonbuk itself was wrong. This is because he did not sign an official contract with Ulsan. In the soccer world, it often happens that a player negotiates with club A and decides to transfer to club B. However, it was only necessary for Ulsan to tell the truth because Amano made a statement that was not true.

It was also the reason that the briefing was held by the officials in charge of the actual transfer, rather than at the level of the PR team, which has a lot of contact with the media. Rather than confirming the authenticity through various steps, Ulsan’s intention was that the officials who knew the incident best would directly explain the facts. So, we prepared this kind of place to convey the ‘fact’ and rectify the situation.

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