It’s been a year since we’ve seen him with a glove and a smile. After announcing his return in July, Hyun-jin Ryu has been on the road with his teammates, throwing bullpen pitches to prepare for his return.메이저사이트

[Local broadcast: It’s a swing and a miss, Ryu Hyun-jin’s second strikeout!]

On a day when he thought he was going to be the winning pitcher, striking out four and getting run support, he felt something wrong with his elbow and had to come off the mound after five innings.

One year later.

The news of the ace’s return came from the mouth of the manager,

[Ross Atkins/Toronto Blue Jays general manager (May 16): Hyun-jin Ryu should be able to face hitters in a game within the next month, no guarantees, but at the rate he’s rehabbing, that’s the case].

Today, a week later, he showed up with a big smile.

“It’s good to see you,” the Toronto club said, welcoming Ryu to the team’s road trip.

It’s the second time in his baseball career that he’s had Tommy John surgery, which replaces a damaged elbow ligament with a tendon from elsewhere, but he left the country early at the end of last year due to the long and demanding rehabilitation process.

[Ryu Hyun-jin/Toronto Blue Jays (December 2022): I will work hard to prepare so that I can return in July and show the Korean fans a good show].

This year is more important than ever, especially since it’s the final year of his four-year contract with Toronto, and he’ll have to overcome not only the absence, but also the cold stares.

Some locals in Toronto are taking a cold view of his return, saying, “An ace who can’t throw the ball needs to prove his worth.”

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