Although he has not played half of the season yet, Luis Araes (26, Miami Marlins, photo) is drawing attention as he is challenging his first ‘dream 40% batting average’ in 82 years.

Araes, who moved to the Miami Marlins ahead of this season, is showing a more upgraded batting ability. Araes, who had a batting average of more than 40% with a hot hitting feeling from the start of the season, started to lose pace in May and his batting average dropped to 0.381. However, in June, he made three 5-hit games and continued the challenge of ‘dream 40%’ again.온라인카지노

Araes is a hitter who boasts an extremely strong contact ability, digesting 259 plate appearances in 68 games until the 21st and striking out only 15 times. Attention is focusing on whether Araes, who is regressing against modern baseball that aims for long hits such as home runs with a full swing even if he suffers batting average losses and strikeouts, will achieve a batting average of 40% for the first time in 82 years with his own batting.

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