The LA Lakers (hereinafter referred to as the Lakers) defeated the Toronto Raptors by 122-112 and 10 points in the NBA 2022-23 season regular league home game held at the Arena in Los Angeles, California, USA on the 11th (Korean time).

On this day, Davis took on the dirty work rather 메이저놀이터 than attacking directly with 8 points, 9 rebounds, 3 assists and 4 blocks. As a result, the Lakers won three games in a row and were able to maintain their 9th place in the Western Conference.

In particular, Davis was not included in the opening member of the fourth quarter. The players who stood on the court at the time were Dennis Schroeder, D’Angelo Russell, Austin Reeves, Jared Vanderbilt, and Wonyan Gabriel.

Davis always ran more than half of the fourth quarter, but on this day, manager Davin Ham continued the game with a five-man lineup that led to a turnaround. They gave Hamm a 9-point lead as expected.

And Davis was put in at 5 minutes and 53 seconds at the end of the 4th quarter, overwhelming Toronto 22-10 in that section. Davis focused on defensive rebounds and put solid screens on Russell and Schroeder, who were performing well. He also joined Vanderbilt in a fast-paced trailer to break Toronto’s camp.

Davis, who revealed his mindset about winning in an interview with reporter Kyle Gun on the 12th, revealed that most of his career is about winning.

He said, “I am the best scorer and can play high-level defense, but I only want to win.”

“They turned it into a winning streak,” said Davies, who is delighted that Schroeder, Reeves, Russell, Vanderbilt and Gabriel did it. .

Davis, who revealed that everything is good as long as the team wins, gave encouragement, saying, “I am fine and happy,” but “They carried a lot of burden in the game against Toronto.”

Davis, who was willing to sacrifice his playing time for the betterment of his team, is currently creating great chemistry in the Lakers squad. They’ve only played 11 games since the trade deadline, but they’re showing off solid teamwork.

While LeBron James has yet to return, the Lakers, led by Davis, will continue to fight for the sixth seed in the Western Conference.

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