This is the birth of a ‘given boy’.

There is a young man who makes KIA Tigers fans happy these days. Just looking at it, KIA rookie left-handed pitcher Yoon Young-chul (19) not only brings joy to the fans with a series of good pitches, but also aims to enter the starting roster for the opening season.

Yoon Young-chul has so far recorded 4 scoreless innings (against Kiwoom on the 16th) and 4.2 scoreless innings (against LG on the 21st), striking out 9 in 8.2 innings with only 4 hits and an average ERA of 0.00.

He has a youthful appearance suitable 메이저사이트for a 19-year-old, but the management of the game is like a veteran that does not match his age. He threw a total of 60 pitches against Kiwoom on the 16th, and more than half of them threw fastballs. His fastball is not fast at 141 km/h, but he struck out Hyung-Jong Lee, Ji-Yeol Lim, Byeong-Wook Lim, Hwi-Jip Kim, and Hye-Sung Kim through a confident game.

The slider and changeup were also properly mixed and pitched at mid-to-late 120km per hour. In particular, he induced hitters to miss swings by throwing a breaking ball with a large drop. Yoon Young-cheol announced the birth of a ‘monster rookie’ by weeding out as many as 7 strikeouts on this day alone. In the game against LG on the 20th, the percentage of sliders was further increased from 18.33% to 28.16%. His skillful management was even more outstanding.

In particular, batsman Lee Jung-hu, who won five batting crowns last year and won the league MVP, smiled even after getting a heavy hit in the first inning, and his thick guts became a hot topic.

Among the 2023 rookie pitchers, only 10 climbed the mound in the demonstration game. KIA Kwak Do-gyu (3 innings, 0 earned runs), Lotte Lee Tae-yeon (4.2 innings, 0 earned runs), Kiwoom Kim Gun-hee (0.1 innings, 4 runs), Kiwoom Oh Sang-won (1 innings, 4 earned runs), Hanwha Kim Seo-hyun (3 innings, 1 earned run), NC Shin Young-woo (3 innings) 1 earned run), SSG Roun Lee (3 earned run in 3 innings), SSG Song Young-jin (4 innings 1 earned run), LG Park Myeong-geun (6.1 innings 2 earned run), and Samsung Lee Ho-seong (3 innings 1 earned run) participated in the demonstration game. Except for , all pitched in relief, not as a starter. Yoon Young-chul, who pitched 8.2 scoreless innings as a starter, stands out.

Yoon Young-cheol is now aiming for the KIA 5 starting position following Yang Hyeon-jong, Sean Anderson, Adonis Medina, and Lee Eui-ri. Although they played only two games in the 2023 exhibition game, they seem to be one step ahead of Lim Ki-young (30) and Kim Ki-hoon (23), who were named as candidates for the 5th selection. Lim Ki-young started against Hanwha on the 13th and pitched 2 scoreless innings, while Kim Ki-hoon pitched in 3 relief games to date, recording an average ERA of 5.40 (3 ERA in 5 innings). The attention is focused on whether the ‘Gratitude Boy’ can go beyond entering the opening match and secure a spot in the selection.

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