‘New Empress of Ice’ Kim Min-seon (23, Uijeongbu City Hall) tried to win all gold medals at the International Skating Union (ISU) World Cup in one season for the first time in speed skating history, but unfortunately failed. However, he has managed to finish on the podium in every World Cup this season.

Kim Min-sun won her silver medal with a record of 38 seconds 08 at the Women’s 500m Division A at the 6th competition of the ISU 2022-2023 Season Speed ​​Skating World Cup held in Toma Schup Mazowiecki, Poland on the 18th (Korean time).

Kim Min-sun won her first World Cup gold medal in the 500m in her first World Cup event last November. She did not miss a gold medal in the 500 m until she was in her fifth tournament afterward.

She reached the top of the Four Continents Championships, where she won six consecutive ISU events.

In particular, she won the 4th World Cup held last December with her personal best time of 36 seconds 96.

In this 6th tournament, Kim Min-seon challenged her스포츠토토 one-season World Cup crown, which even Lee Sang-hwa (34), the “original ice cheater,” could not achieve. Challenging a new history in Korean speed skating, he recorded 10.49 in her first 100m.

However, she ran without a chance to catch her breath all season, and in the last race, her stamina increased and she only finished 38 seconds 08.

Her victory in the women’s 500 m this time went to Vanessa Herzog (Austria), who recorded 37.96.

Although Min-sun Kim missed out on winning her 6th World Cup event, she finished on the podium in all of her events this season.

Born in 1999, Kim Min-seon still has many opportunities left. Revealing her potential for the first time this season, she stood tall as the world’s strongest female sprinter.

Kim Min-sun, who won her silver medal at the event, maintained her world No. 1 position in the women’s 500 m with 354 points. Herzog, who won that day, rose to second place with 301 points.

Meanwhile, Kim Min-sun will finish her season at the World Championships by event, which will be held on the 2nd of next month in Heerenveen, the Netherlands.

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