The ‘2023 Youth Yanggu Middle School 1st Year Football Festival’, which opened in Yanggu, Gangwon-do on the 3rd to improve the performance of middle school soccer players, successfully completed the first day of the game. The contest continues until the 6th.

This ‘2023 Youngchun Yanggu Junior High School 1st Year Football Festival’ took into consideration the registration status of each team’s 1st year middle school players, and a 9-person match and an 11-person match were mixed and operated. 13 teams participated in the 9-person event and 16 teams participated in the 11-person event. The 9-person game was held in two stadiums by dividing the Yanggu Sports Complex, and the 11-person game was held at B and C stadiums in Yanggu, respectively. On the first day, a total of 14 games were played, with 6 9-man games and 8 11-man games. Gyeonggi Icheon Middle School Lee Hyeon-seo and 13 others were selected as the MVP of the game, and after the game, Yanggu gift certificates were given to revitalize the local economy.안전놀이터

In this festival, events that anyone can participate in, regardless of players, coaches, or parents, were held from time to time, drawing attention. Through many events and giveaways such as the ‘McCall Team Header Challenge’ and ‘Baronabae Ball Lifting Festival’, everyone who participated in the festival was able to spend a happy time using the medium of soccer. Lee Joo-hyung, head of the Yanggu-gun Football Association, said, “It is very meaningful that the football tournament was held in Yanggu through this festival. Through the successful hosting, the possibility of expanding and conducting not only the middle school division but also other divisions in the future has been opened.”

This competition is co-hosted and supervised by the Yanggu-gun Football Association and Ribbon Corporation Lab Co., Ltd. , Sports Tribe, and Pocheon Ginseng Farming Association sponsored. Taking advantage of the purpose of the festival, it supports various prizes and events other than competitions. In addition, the ESG program is operated in which all proceeds raised through the giveaway event are donated as scholarships to the Yanggu-gun community.

◇2023 Cheongchun Yang-gu Junior High School 1st Year Football Festival 3rd 9-man Match Result

Daejeon KSFC U15 0-2 match Anseong United U15

match GS Gyeongsoo Club U15 0-0 Incheon Yeonsu FC U15

match TMGFC U15 2-3 match Suwon BB Global FC U15

match Cheongryong United U15 1-1 Chungnam Seosan SFC U15

Gangwon Sokcho Yonsei FC U15 0-1 match Dongtan United U15

Seoul Mapo Sports Club U15 4-2 Gyeongnam Jinju FC U15

match SFC U15 1-2 match Dongtan United U15

◇2023 Cheongchun Yang-gu Middle School 1 Grade Soccer Festival 11-a-side 3-day match results

Seoul Jungdong Middle School 6-0 Gyeonggi

Gyenam Middle School Gyeonggi Dongjin FC U15 0-1 Gyeongbuk Ganggu Middle

Seoul Gusan Middle School 1-4 Chungnam Cheonan Soccer Center U15

Gangwon Hongcheon FC U15 2-0 Chungnam Cheonan North Soccer Center E1

Gyeonggi Join KJFC U15 1-1 Chungcheongnam-do Yesanjung

Gyeonggi Uiwang FC U15 0-6 Gyeonggi Hwaseong Seobu U15

Gangwon Sokcho Middle School 0-4 Seoul JP Yonsei FC

Gyeonggi Icheon Middle School 2-3 Gyeonggi Yeom Gihun Junior U15

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