The more interesting thing about the English Premier League (EPL) is that there is no clear bottom line.

The season has reached its halfway point as all major European leagues, which had been suspended in the aftermath of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, resumed. The upper ranks are fierce, but the lower ranks are also fiercely contested. Most leagues have a clear bottom line. There is Elche, which has 6 points in La Liga in Spain and has yet to win, and Schalke, who are struggling after being promoted to the German Bundesliga. Like Elche, Schalke has a single-digit score (9 points). 카지노

Sampdoria and Cremonese are in danger of relegation in Italian Serie A. 9 and 8 points, respectively. In France, Ligue 1 also has Angers with 8 points. Teams that do not escape the worst are at least six points clear of teams outside the relegation zone. In the case of Elche, they are 9 points behind Celta Vigo in 17th place. Even with half of the season left, it takes a lot of effort and luck to reverse it.

Unlike other leagues where there is a clear bottom line, there is no EPL. There is only a three-point difference between Southampton, 20th at the bottom, and Leicester City, 14th. In other words, depending on the results of the first and second games, the 14th place team could end up in last place, or vice versa. Teams near the 14th place cannot be relieved either. This is because once you ride a downtrend, your ranking will plummet like a rollercoaster going downhill.

Each team and fans are giving great fun to those watching and blood drying. The efforts of the teams to get out of the relegation zone are also great. Especially in the winter transfer market. Southampton strengthened their strength by recruiting top Croatian winger Mislav Orsic, while Everton started a new atmosphere by replacing coach Frank Lampard.

Wolverhampton brought quasi-class resources such as Matheus Kunya and Pablo Sarabia. If you look at the names of the players, it seems that the club located in the upper middle of the day has brought them, but Wolverhampton is in 17th place, right above the relegation zone. West Ham United and Leeds United are also spending money. Mid-level teams are also planning to pay more than a certain level so as not to go down.

It is evaluated that the EPL relegation fight is more eye-catching and fun than other leagues as it is becoming upward leveling, not downward leveling.

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