A player who is getting hotter after winning the WBC.

He is the unchanging main character of cartoon baseball.

Top play starts with Ohtani’s performance.

Ohtani started the opening match.

The strikeout parade starts in the first inning,온라인카지노but the hitters are helpless!

I can’t touch the ball.

This time, he struck out with a 163km/h fastball!

Show off perfect pitching with 10 strikeouts and no runs in 6 innings.

Ohtani started another cartoon-like baseball game with a hit even at the plate.

He’s not serious this year either.


The defense of his teammates was also tough.

I caught a hitting ball!

wow, how did you do that?

Right fielder Renfro’s so-called no-look catch!

I didn’t look at it, I just stretched out my hand, but I caught it like a lie.

I heard that he reproduced the movements he joked about during practice… Ohtani seems to be the most surprised.

It’s a pity that the team lost in such a famous scene.


This is the first at-bat of last season’s home run king, Judge.

He hit! This ball is over!

Judge became the protagonist of the league’s first home run this season.

We have already started to win the home run title for the second time in a row.


The last one is the national anthem before the game.

The surprise hero to sing the national anthem today is the living legend Wainwright!

I couldn’t participate in the opening game of my retirement season due to an injury, but I stood in front of the fans with a special stage.

Shall we listen?

Wow, can I retire and be a singer?

It’s been a top play so far.

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