T1 finished 1st with 17 wins and 1 loss in the regular league, but
lost 1-3 to Gen.J in the finals and
finished runner-up in 4 competitions in a row.

The 17 wins during the regular season were overshadowed by one loss in the finale.

T1 lost to Gen.G 1-3 in the 2023 LoL Champions 메이저놀이터Korea (LCK) spring season final held at the Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 9th. With this, T1 finished runner-up in four consecutive competitions following last year’s two international competitions and the summer season.

Again, in a situation where the atmosphere of predicting the victory of T1 was dominant, unexpected results came out. T1 was classified as the ‘1st emperor’ of the regular league this season. With a record of 17 wins and 1 loss, he took the lead early. The runner-up group, such as Gen.G and KT Rolster, only recorded 13 wins and 5 losses.

T1, who had no opponents during the regular season this spring, began to show a little uneasiness from the playoffs. In the second round match against KT, he narrowly won 3-2. In the 5th set, if the players didn’t make a series of super plays, it would have been different.

In the 3rd round match, they beat Gen.G 3-1 and seemed to regain their dignity in the regular league, but in the rematch that day, they showed their strength again. Several players took turns making mistakes, and they failed to show their long-term smart Baron operation. In the end, amidst Lee Min-hyung’s “Kumayushi” performance, he won the third set and only prevented a 0-3 rout.

With the last one loss, the meaning of 17 wins in the regular league has faded. Lee Min-hyung expressed his feelings at the press conference after the game, saying, “I am confused.” He said, “When I have confidence in the team and myself before the finals, when people around me predict T1’s victory, I feel confused when I lose in the finals.”

Coach Bae Seong-woong said that his lack of preparation was the reason for the defeat. “The players worked hard and did well, but I was lacking,” he said.

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