The teams that were considered favorites to win before the season were Suwon KT and Seoul SK. SK is the defending champion, and KT showed off its strength in the cup competition. It’s different when you open the lid. Anyang KGC is dominating. I didn’t even get a single vote at the time. It is a ‘reversal’. That’s why I don’t know basketball.

KGC is recording 21 wins and 9 losses in 30 games this season (as of the 9th). It is the only 70% win rate in the league. There is no team with a 6 win rate. Changwon LG in 2nd place, Ulsan Hyundai Mobis in 3rd place, and Seoul SK in joint 3rd place are well ahead by 4 games.

What’s even more surprising is that it has consistently maintained first place since the start of the season. After winning 4 consecutive victories in the opening season, they are still in first place. There was not even a clear crisis. Based on solid power, it is at the top of the leaderboard.

Even before the season, not many expected KGC to run fast. Because there have been quite a few changes. Director Kim Seung-gi left for Goyang Carrot, and manager Kim Sang-sik took over. He served as the national team coach, but the 2008-2009 season is the only official professional coach. He resigned halfway through. 토토사이트

Here, Jeon Sung-hyun, the national team shooter, also wore a carrot uniform. A player with an average of 15.4 points and 3.3 3-pointers in the 2021-2022 season broke away. It seemed difficult to fill the void.

As a result, it works better. Oh Se-geun is running healthy and holding the center, and Omari Spellman is playing the role of an ace. Guard Byun Jun-hyung is making career high-level results, and Moon Seong-gon is spewing out ‘FA Lloyd’. Park Ji-hoon has also completely transformed, and Bae Byung-joon’s surprising performance is also outstanding. The role of Filipino player Lens Abando is also growing.

Spellman goes through ups and downs. There are times when he doesn’t fit into the team and gets out of the way. In particular, he did not go under the goal, shaking the team balance. At this time, another foreign player, Daryl Monroe, leads the team with clever play.

The person who encompasses all of this is director Kim. There are no unilateral instructions. Listen to your thoughts and find answers through meetings. Players are also comfortable. Director Kim said, “What am I going to do? That’s what players are good at. I am a person who listens. I think autonomy is better than control,” he explained.

Say what you say when you need to. Last month, he explained to Spellman, who plays mainly on the outskirts, “I ordered him to actively go under the goal.” Spellman actually changed, and KGC gained momentum again. It also points out essential points for other players. The question mark for director Kim has completely changed to an exclamation mark. He now says, “What would have happened if I hadn’t brought him.”

It’s not over yet. In the first half, there was a match against Hyundai Mobis on the 11th, and there is also a second half. You have to keep the momentum going. There doesn’t seem to be much wiggle room. Power is solid from main to backup. Director Kim’s leadership is also working well. KGC, which is defiantly breaking expectations before the season, is looking to win the championship match after two years.

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